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I am back from my wedding in Paphos with pics

Hi girls,

Well got back from Paphos yesterday morning and it has took me most of today to upload photos. But finally I have done it. There are quite a few to look at (245 to be honest). I will be glad to answer any questions anyone has about my special day in paradise (it was 115 degrees). Just click on the link below

Hope this works.

Speak to you soon when I have done all the after holiday things and I promise will write a full report.


Shellyelly now Shellythrelly :\)


  • SLB12ukSLB12uk Posts: 250
    Your pictures are gorgeous!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! where abouts in Paphos did you get married??? I get married there 2 weeks today!!! Can't believe it was 115 degrees!!!
  • I got married in Paphos town hall, then had reception in Alexander the great hotel where we where staying. It was amazing. Dont forget to wear sun tan lotion on the day, as alot of people who we spoke to said it was going to get hotter. There was a slight breeze on the day but leading upto it there where days when it was soo hot.
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Awww lovely pics, love the bm dresses. Congrats xx

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  • beckyboo1ukbeckyboo1uk Posts: 437
    Aww Shelly congratulations!

    I have just filled up at the picture of you filling up at the ceremony!

    They are beautiful pictures. Your flowers are gorgeous! Who did them?

    Aww I can't wait until it's my turn it looked picture perfect.

  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    Perfect!!! You look so happy. Congrats

    x x
  • Congratulations ! You all look lovely !

    Can't wait for your report.

    Laura x

  • puddin237puddin237 Posts: 105
    Your pics are fab looks liek ti was a lovely day.

    Makes me all excited about my own wedding and it isnt until next year.

    Can i ask where you got your bridesmaid dresses form and how mcuh they are lovely.

  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Ahh you all look lovely, can;t wait to read your report
  • Hel1976Hel1976 Posts: 248
    Hi Hun,

    All I can say is stunning!! What a beautiful day!!

    Can I ask where you got all the men's silver waistcoats from

    please and whether they where expensive or not?

    Thank you xx
  • xDonnaxukxDonnaxuk Posts: 138
    Shelly your photos are georgeous! Congratulations! x
  • Thanks for all your kind words. It was a magical day and the photographer was brill. Saying that everything about the day was just magical.

    Beckyboo8 - I got my flowers done over here and took them with me they where all artificial.

    Puddin237 - A friend of mine made the dresses for me. They cost £100 for all of them.

    Hel1976 - We hired the suits and stuff from Slaters menswear in Liverpool city centre. They have got quite a few outlets just look on the website.
  • Hi Shelly

    Congratulations, you looked amazing and so happy!! Your pics are brilliant too!! I am so excited now for next year, the backdrop from the Hotel is so stunning too!! I have so many question to ask you about the Hotel, but I will wait until I have read your wedding report!!

    Enjoy your party on Friday!!

    Emziee x
  • CaraTaylorCaraTaylor Posts: 84
    You all look fantastic.

    Congratulations - wishing you health & happiness.

    Who did your photo's they are great?

  • Hi Russ Roy Calver did my photos and he was brilliant.

    Hi Emziee ask away dont mind.
  • tasha1982tasha1982 Posts: 56
    Hi shellyelly,

    The pics look fab, I'm getting married in Paphos too and looking at your pics has made me even more excited, have got 315 days to go though!!!


  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    Congrats huni! Your pics are gorgeous and you both look so happy!
    HI ive just looked at your pics and they are beautiful.

    Where abouts in paphos did you get married?

    and where did you get your lovely flowers?

    We are getting married in paphos in 6 weeks time, at The Athena Beach Hotel.

    Cant wait but geeting very nervous! can you reccomend a good florist??

    Congrats by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8\)
  • It looks amazing!! Congrats!
  • juulliieeukjuulliieeuk Posts: 296
    hi,they are absolutely beautiful,i'm so excited we fly to paphos 1 week today get married in 2 weeks,many congrats to you both x
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Shellyelly please do your report, i am getting married paphos town hal and am using roy calver too!!
  • vonys27vonys27 Posts: 1
    hi you photos look great! You mustve have had a wonderful day! i am getting married in may 2010 in yeroskipou town hall. i have booked with cyprus brides and grooms who are cordinating my wedding. They gave me prices for 2008 and said there would be a 5 - 10 % increas. Now that i have booked they are saying things will go up by 10 % or more. The horse and carriage has went up20 % in just one year. Did you book a few years in advance and did you have the same problem?:\?
  • juulliieeukjuulliieeuk Posts: 296
    shellyelly can i just say your hair & make up was done beautifully,your bridesmaids have got the same shoes as me! i got mine in the sale from littlwoods catolugue £10 bargain! x once again well done it looks amazing x
  • Hi girls,

    Finally wrote my report it is on another thread. In answer to your question Vonys27, we booked our wedding last april for this July, as couldnt book it any earlier due to brochures not being out. The extra's like photographer, cars etc I booked this year in May.
  • Wow the pics are adorable. Im getting wed in 2010 in paphos xxxx
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