anyone got married or been to Yeraskipou Town Hall paphos

Hi just wondered if anybody had been to Yeraskipou Town Hall in Paphos. This might sound like a strange question but wanted to know if there's a taxi rank nearby or if its easy to get a taxi from there??? We have to go there to sort out our paperwork for the wedding and First Choice try and get you to book a taxi through them and ask it to wait for you while you're at the Town Hall and it can end up costing about 40 euros so just wanted to find out if it is easy to get a taxi from there so we can just get one back when we are ready!!!



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    Oooh yes SLB12

    This is a question i would like answered myself so will bump it up so hopefully we will get a reply.
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    Are you getting married at the town Hall or at a hotel nearby??? We're getting married at the Aliathon!! Just hope somebody knows the answer somewhere!!!
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    Hi SLB12

    We are staying at a hotel across the way from yours, the Cypria Bay. We are getting married at the Town Hall.

    We stayed at the Aliathon last year and it is a lovely place, the new part of the Aliathon was just beginning to be built then so don't know what that bit is like but in the brochures it looks fab.

    When are you getting married?
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    Hi we are getting married on 5th August and fly to Cyprus on 30th July so not long now!!! Its nice to hear from someone who has been to the Aliathon, is it far from Paphos Town centre??? Also is there many things close to the hotel within walking distance???? I don't suppose you know if it would be easy to get a taxi at the Yeraskipou Town Hall as we didn't want to pay out a fortune for a taxi to wait for us?? We're actually getting married at the hotel. When do you get married???
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    It's about half an hours walk from the town centre. There is a bus stop virtually across the road that goes quite regularly into town, I think they stop about 9pm or was it 11 i cant remember now. It is also very easy to get a taxi, they ride up and down all day, you just stick out your hand.

    There are bars just down the road too and others all the way down to the town so you can stop every so often for a refreshment or 2!!!

    we get married on the 5th of September....39 more days. Not long for you now...oh my god!!

    I don't think we are going to have much luck with the reply about a taxi, one of the taxi drivers gave us his card with his number on in case we needed a taxi to the airport last year, so maybe we could ask one of the taxi drivers if he has a card ,can we have it and ring him up later to come back and get us!! That's an idea, don't know why I didn't think of that before!! It's an idea though.

    I don't particularly want to pay First Choice 40euros if i can get away with it.

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    Hello I'm sure their is a thread on here somewhere, regarding a b2b bypassing wedding operator and going direct with a taxi company, I'm sure they were called 'jacks Taxis' i'm sure i didn't imagine it, but saying that it may not have been paphos!!! I'm sure the hotel/apartments will have telephone numbers of taxis, cypriots drive like loonies so they will stop anywhere and everywhere, oh except for zebra crossings!!! LOL
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    hi, i think the website for jack's taxis is

    i have seen a few threads on here about them. they seem to be good. i am also getting married at town hall but our wedding planner is taking us to town hall and bringing us back when sorting paperwork.

    hope this helps.

    lisa x
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    Hi I see someone beat me to it - I looked up Jack's Taxis after reading about them on another thread and emailed them for prices for transport for our wedding next year - they replied next day and the prices didn't seem way out and really polite and helpful - so all good I thinks.

    These are the contact details they sent in the email reply:

    Judy at Jack's Taxis was the contact I had

    Tel: 26819795/6

    Mobile: 99655068

    Fax: 26939110

    Maybes you could email them from the website and ask for a price etc? I think ya need 0035 in front of the number, but not entirely sure, sorry

    Ju xx
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    Thanks everso Just_Julie

    I shall take down all those details and put them with all my other documents.

    Julie x
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    No probs

    I've been off work ill last week and will be off this wk and can't go out or do much so either reading or researching wedding stuff online! I'm not good at doing nothing LoL

    bet ur excited ? not long to go now!!

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    nope, another 38 days for me, every thing done just counting down the days.
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