Just returned from wedding at The Nissi Beach

Hi Ladies,

Just to let you know we've just returned from our wedding at The Nissi Beach Hotel on 17th July. We all had a great time and I wouldn't have changed a thing (apart from my sunburn). I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going to get married. The views are stunning and this really shows in the photo's. Our day was just the way we wanted it very relaxed. The gardens are massive and very well looked after and make great backgrounds for photo's. I was very worried before going about my hair etc but the hairdresser made a fantastic job, better than expected and everything just sloted into place. I just wish I could go back and repeat it all again!!!! We also had our reception in the hotel and the food was excellent.

The only thing that I could kick myself about was the fact that I got really bad sunburn on the top of my back while sitting in the shade at the beach, my skin blistered and it was raw and this was 3 days before my wedding. I was told to stay indoors under concrete roof and the pharmacist gave me cream. I spent the next couple of days worrying about what my photo's would look like and on the morning of the wedding I was in tears, however after all that the make-up lady made a great job touching it up with make-up and you can hardly notice it in my photo's.

All I would say ladies is enjoy your day and treasure every minute of it as the day goes by so quickly and I cn't believe we are back home now. However looking forward to my reception party here next Saturday.

Enjoy and Good Luck

Sharon xx


  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Awwww, that was lovely to read - thanks!! CONGRATUATIONS! We are getting married married there in May. I ve already bought my sun cream!!

    I was worried thaton some photos you can see the parasols on the beach (on the signing of the register ones), but ifthe photographer crouches I suppose it would be ok?! I was also concerned that there might not be space on the beach for my beach shots - in everyones Ive seen theres always rocks!!! He he He!

    Do you have any photos? xx
  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128

    The photographer will capture some parasols in some shots, but will try and avoid as much as possible. When we had our sunset photo's taken they didn't take us to the main beach with all the parasols they had taken us to another part of the beach which sits higher up (the one with the rocks). The gardens and walkways are lovely and make great photo's.

    I do have photo's but not had time yet to get them all on trying to finalise our party next weekend!!!!

  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Thanks! Yes Ive seen some pics of the gardens, they look amazing!! My wedding co-ordinator has assured me they will move people out of the way on the beach!! Hopefully we'll get just sand, sea and us shots!

    Look forward to seeing your pics when you're sorted! Have a great party xxx
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    Hi Sharon

    Ive just booked my wedding for June 2010 at the Nissi Beach Hotel in the gazebo and then the reception at the Garden Of Eden. We cant wait!

    We look forward to seeing your pics. We booked ours through Aisle Of Love, everything seems fine upto now. Theres nothing much else we can do now, it feels like we should be doing something though ha ha.

    One more thing, what type of room did you stay in if you stayed in Nissi Beach Hotel? We dont know whether just to go with the sea view ones or the bungalows...i wish it was this year!!!


    Nicola x
  • Hi Nicola,

    Can I just ask how you booked your wedding? I contacted Marios at the hotel to book ours for June 2010 and he said it was too early and they weren't taking bookings until the end of this year for 2010. I also contacted the registrar and they said the same.

    What date are you getting married? x

    ps I went to a wedding at the Nissi Beach last year and I thought the bungalows were gorgeous. We stayed for one night in the hotel and the rooms were lovely but you had so much more space in the bungalows so if I had the choice (and the money) I would probably pick the bungalows!
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    I too am gettting married at the nissi beach hotel on 6th October 2009. I have booked the Rondaval and beach bbq through Marios at the hotel.

    I have booked the package through first choice but not chosen any of their extras. I have booked my own photographer and plan on taking my own flowers and organising many things myself.

    I was curious however about how you make your entrance. I mean obviously the groom and the bridal party will be under the gazebo, but where do i come in? i get ready on my room and my step-dad will come meet me......do i have to walk right round the hotel past the pool and see every tom dick and harry before i get to the aisle????


    Karen xx

  • Hi karen,

    Are you staying in the hotel itself or a bungalow? If you're staying in a bungalow then you walk through the gardens to get to the gazebo - you don't walk past the pool itself but you will walk past any of the guests who are in the gardens (it's only a short walk). The section in front of the gazebo is blocked off during the ceremony so no one can walk past in front of you. People generally stood in the gardens watching but there was no problem with photo's or anything.

    If you're staying in the hotel, you just have a bit further to walk (through reception etc).

    I was a bridesmaid at a wedding there and am hoping to go back myself and get married in a couple of years!
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    Hello keepSmiling

    We have just booked to stay in the hotel not the bugalows, but we have our fingers crossed for a room upgrade with having our wedding there (which was mentioned in the first choice brochure).

    thats not too bad. I had visions of being greeted by topless sunbathers and speedo clad sugar daddies image

  • No, don't worry it's nothing like that! It's quite nice actually because everyone watches and oohs and aahs as you walk through the gardens so you feel quite special! x
  • Fezza1Fezza1 Posts: 156 New bride
    Its like being a movie star...i can handle that image

  • Hi Nicclarke,

    I've just looked at your profile and you're from Liverpool like me and I'm hoping to get married a few days after you!

    I hope you see this as maybe we could chat about plans etc! x
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    hi and congratulations i got married nissi beach 16th july was ment to be 17th at the town hall but they had a cancellation and marios sorted it all for me was your wedding in the afternoon men in kilts?? i saw quiet a few weddings there during the week we had a fabulous time and couldnt of wished for more.
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