Reception @ home - cars?

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help?

We are getting married abroad and havin a reception upon our return.

Will a weddin car company hire us a nice car for what is literally a 10 min journey from home to reception at a good rate or will they just charge us a full wedding package rate?

Not being funny but I am not paying £300 for a ten minute car ride where all our guests will be inside the venue and not see us pull up anyeay - but also don't really fancy a taxi either - any alternative suggestions?

p.s. Have no family/friends with particullarly posh cars either!



  • weddingroseweddingrose Posts: 261

    I've no idea - I guess the only answer is to phone round various companies and see what they can offer. What about hiring a car and getting a family member or friend to drive? That way you can still get a nice car but it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154
    You should be able to find a local Limo company, they are not usually too expensive and you can book for the return journey also.
  • MrsB06102009MrsB06102009 Posts: 268
    Hi flyingscottie,

    This is the same as us, but H2B has spoke to one of his work collegues who has got a Merc who is kindly lending it us to go to the reception.

    Do you know anyone with a nice looking car that can do the same.
  • Hi girls,

    Had our wedding reception last friday night and ours was less then 10 minute journey. My mum & dad surprised us by getting us a limo to take us to venue. So along with bridesmaids & best man me & hubby went for 1 hour drive in limo. We went down to the albert dock and had some lovely photos takin down there. Then we went back to the reception venue, with everyone waiting outside to greet us. It was lovely and felt like wedding day all over again.
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