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Hi there getting married sept 16th 2008 at the cloisters in sorrento staying at hilton sorrento palace. We have been given 11am for our ceremony, has anyone else been married at this time and how did you plan out the rest of the day, i had my own ideas but that was if it was 3pm, any reply would be


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    I got married on 26 May at the Cloisters and stayed at the Hilton, it was amazing. We didn't get married at 11 but at 5.30, sorry I cannot help with the times but if you have anymore questions then please feel free to ask.

    Who have you booked with? Has the time been confirmed?

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    Hi Sybella thanks for reply, We originally booked with airtours as i had planned to stay at hilton and they offered it first this was last april, now thomas cook have taken over, the only reason i found out the time was through o'parrucchiano restaurant, i had emailed for info and they must have did something but very next day got email from the resort team confirming time at 11am. Anyway have tried to get it moved but no go,just need to go for a long lunch then hopefully things wont fall flat for rest of night its just its a long day, but we will just need to deal with it. How did you find the hilton are the drinks a fortune hows the service for a wedding party theres 13 staying there and a few dotted around at dif hotels, my head is spinning theres so much to think about so better go or i'll be rambling on forever.xx
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    We also had our reception at O'Parrucchiano, the food was lovely and the service brilliant, they really looked after us. You will have a great time there. The Hilton was also really nice but the drinks were pretty expensive although they do have two happy hours between 6-7 and 8.30-9.30. We would usually go for the first happy hour then have our meal and go back for the second. The drinks are half price during happy hour - a glass of aparkling wine is 3.50e and beer 4e. I don't think it would be a problem for you to take your guests there for drinks. The bar staff are great. If you need anymore info let me know. x
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