Why are you getting married abroad?


I'm due to get married in 2010 and since my H2B and I went to a famiy wedding abroad last year we have always said we would like to do the same. So when he proposed earlier this year we immediately said that's what we would do.

He is really excited but I've started to have a few doubts. There are a few things I'll miss if I get married abroad (getting ready in my parents house beforehand etc) but are they really good enough reasons not to go? There are other things I'm really looking forward to e.g. 2 weeks with everyone rather than one day, the weather etc!

Part of it is that none of family ever pictured me getting married abroad and want the big white wedding at home so I can't get excited because I know it's not what they want.

I am totally undecided now but need to make a decision because we need to pay a deposit on a venue we want if we have a reception when we get home next week!

I spoke to my H2B and told him what I would miss and he go annoyed saying he wished I'd make up my mind. He said he'd marry me anywhere but he can't get excited about it because he doesn't know where it will be!

Sorry for the long post - why did you all decide to get married abraod? I know I have to make my own decision but I'm just so confused at the moment!


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    Hello and congratulations on your forthcoming marriage - whereever it may be!!

    We are getting married in cyprus in 16 days time, I've been married b4 my h2b doesn't like a lot of fuss, so we both decided on a quiet simple ceremony. My parents do live in cyprus. No-one is coming over for our wedding, it will just be the 2 of us, my parents and our 2 kids. We are going to make it a very fun special day.

    I have had the big white wedding b4, my parents paid for the majority of it, looking bac now it wasn't really what I wanted, I was young etc.

    You need to decide what YOU and H2B wants, also your budget etc. There is nothing stopping you doing both, a ceremony and holiday abroad just the two of you , and maybe few close family and freinds, and then a blessing and party for all when you return. Don't feel guilty that you aren't having the type of wedding your family wants, it isn't their weddings, weddings can be stressful and probalby will be not matter her simple, big etc it is. the most important think though is the two of you. Good luck and take care. This site is brilliant and you will find loads of help, tips etc whatever you decide to do. xx
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    We decided to get married abroad as i wasnt keen on the big white weding but wanted to make it a special day. We had gotten engaged in Rhodes and felt it held special memories for us so it felt right to marry there. I have to admit i was attracted by the price as we are having a much better day over there than we could afford over here and we were also able to limit who we invited so it will be more intimate and a time spent with those we feel closest to.

    I think the best advice i could give you is to think about what you woyuld want your wedding day to be like , who you would want there and how the whole day would feel i think that should give you your answer as either home or away will match the most.

    Good Luck with what ever you decide.

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    We decided to get married abroad for a number of reasons

    1) The weather - my h2b really would not be happy without anything less than sunshine

    2) The ambience vibe you get abroad

    3) The food in my opinion is far better in our chosen location - greece

    4) Venue Choice

    5) Flexibility - we look at so many uk venues and you can't do this and you can't do that i mean you can't even throw confetti in a church anymore whats all that about !!!!!...

    6) Time of Ceremony you can have evening weddings which really appealed to both of us

    7) Just being on holiday and having everyone together, especially for us as we have family all over the world that would not really come together on holiday

    Sometimes i hear Church bells ringing or see a wedding in the UK and do think what if ...?...but I know 100% that our wedding will be a gorgeous, relaxed, intimate affair ...plus we are having a honeymoon seperate to this ..

    I have to say though dont think that a wedding abroad will generally be any cheaper ..we are spending a small fortune lol
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    I can really sympathise as it was a huge decision to make! We always thought we would go for a wedding in this country... that was until we started looking for stuff in the UK. We realised that our £11k budget was going to go nowhere and we would end up with stuff we didn't want, stressing about weather, and it all over in a flash.

    We have decided to go for Santorini and have been really surprised at how excited everyone is! There were some small hiccups with H2B's sister but we have managed to iron them out. It is a lot to ask going abroad but everyone is just taking the opportunity to go on a wicked holiday together... All my girlies from school are so excited as we haven't been away together since we were 16!!

    Of course it is a really personal thing but I am sooooooooo excited about going abroad now! I am going to have my hen do out there, one of my bridesmaids is organising a pirate themed boat trip and the other is organising a giant water fight! It is going to be hilarious... Couldn't do any of those things in the UK!

    Whatever you decide, you definitely need to go for what is right for you two rather than for the family!

    Good luck!! xx
  • Hi,

    We got married in Paphos last week, and it was majical. Its was my H2B's idea to get married abroad as you get a lot more for your money. The added bonus was that it isn't all over in one day. We had a party on friday for all friends and family that couldn't make it so I have not had the post wedding blues at all and we have just booked our honeymoon to Cuba, so we have got that to look forward to now. We made the right decision as we have staggered it out and neither of us have felt depressed cos it is all over.
  • Mrs_MikeMrs_Mike Posts: 434

    Loads of reasons for us to get married abroad.

    I've only got my two children familywise, my gran who I was very close to diesdearlier in the year - she was the main reason I would have been married in UK as I couldn't imagine not seein her on my wedding day, but I think she'd be have been happy with us getting married somewhere we really love - and Cyprus is definitely a place we fell in love with. I guess neither h2b nor I want a massive white wedding with all the associated fuss - I'd prefer it to be immediate family and a few very close friends, tho h2b wants anyone who wants to come from his family there too - we've compromised over this and we're sending save the date magnets out as soon as we've booked the hol n wedding (too early to book for Nov 09 at mo) but we are putting a please let us know if you can make the wedding abroad by x date on - that way we know how many to budget for abroad at reception etc. ( am I waffling? Or does that make sense?) LoL I think another main reason after this absolutely dreadful summer is that the weather will be loads better abroad! Plus the flights are not too long for ppl coming over for just a week! And last but not least - we can organise everything EXACTLY as we want . . . and I'm sure some of you would agree that ain't that easy with lots of ppl wanting to 'help' LoL

    Ju x
  • Thank you for all your advice!

    I think the problem I've got now is that I don't know if the reason I'm having doubts is because I'm subconciously listening to what my family want or if I genuinely want the same thing. Because we'd always said we'd go abroad I never really considered anything else.

    I suppose I just need to sit down and have a long think about exactly what I want! x
  • ayereeayeree Posts: 133
    Our reasons are:

    1. We want a slightly different wedding, not the traditional big white one

    2. The weather, grey skies and rain feels wrong for some reason

    3. I love to travel

    4. il2b lives abroad so they wouldn't be coming anyway

    5. (Most important) We've found a gorgeous place to have our beach wedding!
  • corfubridecorfubride Posts: 12
    We wanted to do something different and knew the weather in Greece would be better, plus we got so much more for our money.

    But in the end the best thing was having all my favourite people at my wedding and being able to spend my time with them rather than lots of relatives that I never see!
  • I think you need to maybe do a pros & cons list, and really think about how you imagine your day to be. Theres so much choice on offer now day's that it's sooo hard to choose.

    We're getting married abroad as I have a very big family, mainly aunties & cousins that i don't see from one year to the next, I was worried that if we had it here it wouldn't be very relaxed and we'd both spend most of our wedding catching up with people that although we're related too don't really know, so we thought we'd have a more relaxed initmate wedding in cyprus.

    There are other reason like the cost as it can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it abroad, but we both wanted to be able to sit back and enjoy our wedding & enjoy our guests company, where so many of our friends haven't been able to so much, as they had a lot of guests & they wanted to spend time with all of them.

    That said where ever you deicide I'm sure it will be perfect for you in the end


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