Magnolia acres Orlando Florida???

Hi does anyone know anything about Magnolia acres Orlando Florida?? Anyone been there? Booked to be married there? Wanted Cypress Grove but closed for refurb the exact dates we going! Nightmare!! Any help or recent photos would be a great help. The one's when have googled are poo!


  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    can't be any help with Magnolia Acres, i'm afraid! I get married on Cocoa Beach in florida in just over 7 weeks time! there are lots of ladies on the wedding in florida thread though, might be worth asking on there!! When do you go to florida?
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    I cant help with Magnolia acres, I just got maried at Leu Gardens on the 2nd July, you can join the Florida thread and gets lots of ideas and advice.
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    bump again
  • nkreynkrey Posts: 10
    Thanks for replying. This venue seems to be a mystery!! planning the wedding for july 2009. Good luck with everything tom's girl. Leu gardens looks lovely rosapenny but booking with virgin and they don't offer that one.
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