Any Antigua Brides? Gutted.

I can't believe that poor couple got shot on their honeymoon, it's so tragic!!! It's so sad.

I'm getting married next May in Antigua and am absolutely gutted.

I knew the carribean was a bit dodgey which is why I spent hours reading crime reports for all the different islands and Antigua seemed like one of the safer ones!

We have family staying at the same hotel as the murder so am very worried now.


What is wrong with people?


  • ScottEasbyScottEasby Posts: 1,271
    I know, it's terrible. I am going to Hermitage Bay with my Bridesmaid for holiday in Oct.. am very concerned to say the least! They did say that nothing like this has happened in 10 years... I am going to keep a close eye on it and hope they nail the b*****d that did this
  • Steph2412ukSteph2412uk Posts: 148

    Hopefully they'll step up security in these hotels! It's just so tragic. I'm very concerned now
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484

    I went to Antigua on holiday in May and I've gotta say I've never felt so safe on a holiday. The locals are incredibly friendly and polite, the island is so grateful for its tourism that tourists are very respected. I hope that this incident hasn't put too many people off, I wouldnt hesitate to return there again (in fact I can't wait to go back!)
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    it cuold have happened to anyone, anywhere.

    there has been bombs in spain and turkey this week alone.

    i went to jamaica 2 years ago and everyone warned me about it but i had the most amazing time and felt totally safe.

    please dont worry about it too much. i dont think you are at more risk than anyone else anywhere else in the world.
  • SarahnancySarahnancy Posts: 103 New bride
    I feel so sad for the poor couple!

    im too getting married in May next year, and felt bit aprehensive but like you say little miss jo, it can happen anywhere.
  • ttsang1134ttsang1134 Posts: 183
    I have to agree with lucylu. I went there for my best friend's wedding and stayed at Coco's sister hotel Cocobay. I never felt unsafe.

    Things like this can happen even in our own country and probably far worse - it's just such a tragic story that the press have completely gone nuts about it. I mean there's 21 teenagers who are dead in London, and it doesn't stop people from going out.

    Don't let it upset you. Just think it puts a lot of trivial things into perspective.

    I just feel for the couple's family and friends...

  • I can totally understand why you'd be apprehensive, such an awful, tragic, upsetting story. I've thought about it a lot the last few days.

    However, I was reading earlier that it's the island's 10th homicide this year, which in the grand scheme of things, is very low, especially when you compare it to the London statistics.

    I'e no doubt you'll have a fabulous, and very safe time image

  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    We too are getting married in Antigua (BlueWaters) resort next September and although its unedged me a bit, it hasn't put me off going- its still a beautiful island and what has happened is tragic but very rare with tourists.
  • SarahnancySarahnancy Posts: 103 New bride
    We're getting married May next year at The Jolly Beach and i feel aprehensive but i know that it can happen anywhere. I have my parents saying that they don't really want to go now, so im now all confused and don't know what to do.!!!
  • ttsang1134ttsang1134 Posts: 183
    Oh no Sarahnancy, just calm your parents down and tell them to get things into perspective. Tell them that a tourist in Antigua hasn't been killed in over 10 years.

    I hope you manage to persuade them otherwise!
  • Steph2412ukSteph2412uk Posts: 148
    Hi Sarahnancy,

    I'm sure your parents will come round. I'm also getting married in Antigua next May and while I was totally freaking out when I first found out, i'm ok with it now.

    Hopefully they'll be the same!

    Like everyone has said, it's tragic but tragic things happen everyday and in all parts of the world.

    You can't be sure you're going to be safe anywhere, everywhere has been touched by tragedy in one way or another, whether its accidents, murders, natural disasters (Thailand, China...) or terrorists attacks (Bali, New York, Spain, London...)

    God that sounds really depressing doesn't it. That's not my intention, hopefully you know what I mean... just that anything could happen anywhere!

    It's a shock for them at the moment but hopefully when it sinks it they'll decide they do want to go after all.

    Good luck!!!

  • SarahnancySarahnancy Posts: 103 New bride
    Thanks Steph2412, I hope they do come round as we may have to change our destination.

    Its so true, violence can happen anywhere in the world, along with bombings etc.

    Lets keep fingers cross eh!
  • tywarduktywarduk Posts: 157
    hey guys

    i also can't believe what happened.......

    we are getting married in november at galley bay.

    my heart goes to there family..... why do people have to be so nasty / bad??


  • lduklduk Posts: 20
    its an awful shame what happened but ppl have to put it into perspective, its trajic, but so was 7/7 in london, it hasnt happede since, touch wood.

    you can go to spain and be involved in bombings, you just dont know when your time is going to be up, you cant let things like this dictate your life.
  • Steph2412ukSteph2412uk Posts: 148
    Jen, i'm getting married at the galley bay too... you'll have to let me know what's it's like coz your wedding is before mine! How exciting!
  • tywarduktywarduk Posts: 157
    oh great steph... galley bay twins ish???? he he i'll post pics, we come back home on the 1st dec.

    110 days to go.......

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