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Favours for Men

Help! I can't find any suitable favours for men and it starting to stress me out! I really wanted to get the suitcase favours and put little mints in but I just can't jusitfy the cost, what is everybody else doing?


  • furny1980furny1980 Posts: 122
    Hi lee-lee,

    Not sure where you're getting married but mine are from here:

    The crome luggage labels are a good "manly" one!!

    Hope this helps

  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129

    Sorry, i cant remember where ive seen this - i've definitely pinched it from somewhere... think its from here!!

    Im going to ask my venue to have a cold bottle of beer already waiting at all the mens places ready for the meal. Im going to take over with me some bottle openers (if I can!) and ask my venue to tie them on the beer bottles using colour co-ordinated ribbon.

    Then all the blokes can help themselves!!

    Hope its an idea for you xx

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  • lianne1978lianne1978 Posts: 100
    Thanks for your ideas.

    I've had a look at the luggage tags and they are lovely. However, I think the beer bottle idea is fab and they have some great bottle openers on the aweddinglessordinary website. My partner's uncle who is coming doesn't drink but does like non-alcoholic lager, so I might take a bottle over with me! Do you think I will be able to get on the plane with bottle openers in my suitcase?
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129
    Yeah thats my problem but its best to contact your airline direct. Im going to do that nearer the time, as I dont get married until May09. Maybe send them an email so you have their reply in writing to take to the airport with you!! But leave yourself plenty of time to get a reply back!

    Goodness, you dont want to be made to leave them behind at the airport!!

    Glad I was able to help! Its so hard thinking of things for the blokes!!!
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