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Am I a really bad person that my son isnt coming?

I wanted to know your honest thoughts about this one. I am getting married at the Moon Palace in Cancun nxy year but my little boy wont be coming, he will will be just 3yrs when we fly out. He will be staying with my mum for 2weeks & I know he will love staying with his nanny he is very close to her, & another thing is he has a problem with food he has a food phobia & wont eat anything lumpy & only likes certain flavour jar baby food. So it would be hell carrying 2weeks of baby food in jars in a suitcase if ur allowed anyway. But my mum said dont worry what other people say, as Cameron wont remember it anyway & he will get stressed out getting to hot & the flight will be too long for him.

But we are having a reception party for when we come back & a blessing in my mums garden in the summer for family & close friends that couldnt come so I surpose he can play a real part in that. But some people have been turning their noses up when I tell them that Cameron isnt coming.


  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    Maxi..... don't think like that 'no you are not a bad person', like your mum says at 3 he won't remember, let it be yours and your h2b special day, you can celebrate with your son and everybody else when you get back. My kids are coming to mine, but they are 8 and 15, at 3yrs old you will be watching him and looking after him and not enjoying yourself. He is in very safe hands. Congratulations and enjoy!! xx
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    P.S. ignore those people turning their noses up, they are probably only jeolous anyway!!! Your boy will be included in the blessing and your party xxxxx
  • CHWhiteleyCHWhiteley Posts: 219
    I think you have the right idea, completely! A long flight would be arduous in itself, and the heat, food etc combo wouldn't help matters. He'll be having a wonderful time with his Grandma and you can properly relax when you're away with your new husband.

    Also, it's not like he's not coming to the reception party when you get back (something he is more likely to enjoy anyway.)

  • Thanks every1 for your replies, it really has helped me get rid of the guilt. I know im gonna miss him like crazy but at least I get some me time for once lol!
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    It sounds like it's completely the right decision- how can you have a fortnight's honeymoon with a toddler in tow. Go for it- sensible choice.
  • jturnerukjturneruk Posts: 15
    No you're not a bad person at all!

    My children aren't coming with me and my h2b either and we fly out in 4 weeks time to Kenya -just the two of us. The children aren't old enough for the hotel (they have to be over 12) and my daughter has lots of allergies including being allergic to the innoculations required.

    We are having a blessing next year (1 year to the day) for everyone back here and my children will be involved in every aspect of that. Mine are having grandparents stay with them and will have a wonderful time without us. Don't worry - go and enjoy the chance to be just the 2 of you, if you can't do this on your honeymoon - when can you?

  • BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
    Well it is just like going on your honeymoon first. Don't be worrying about it. As you have said he will be a big part of the celebrations back home.

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