Coral Bay hotels - should we be seperate to everyone else?

I am in a real quandry at the moment.

Background - my parents and family are staying in a villa in Peyia just outside coral bay. (massive family reunion!) They have booked a flight with Monarch and I am arranging it so we can get the same flight as them (very complicated - most hotels seem to be thomsonfly linked) H2B and me and H2B's parents are staying in a hotel in the coral bay area. The added complication is they are paying for our 'wedding moon' accomodation and flights.

I have looked at the 4 hotels around there - Coral Bay hotel, Ascos Coral Beach, Corallia Hotel and Crown Resourts horizon. I have been reading such terrible reviews for all of the hotels so firstly has anyone been to any of these hotels? The Coral Bay hotel and Ascos Coral Beach are there for if I feel really cheeky and ask to go a higher star for the wedding! (I am happy to pay the extra to make the visit more luxury but again the reviews make them sound not worth the money!)

My biggest dilema is whether or not to go to the same hotel as them. Some people seem to think it is weird, H2B's parents brought up the issue but said they were not bothered and H2B said he as not bothered but I am not sure if everyone is just tiptoing around to avoid hurting feelings - they are not my parents so I cannot just demand a truthful response! Part of me is thinking now that it would be nice to be on our own. We are only going for a week.

What do others think?

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