Is the the hotel photographer at Moon Palace any good?

I was wondering if any1 had their wedding at the Moon Palace & used the hotel photographer? Because ive heard that some people have gone out there have paid for a private photographer to do their photos. I am now worring that they have done this as the photographer at the Moon isnt very good or the photos are not very good quality.


  • MrsFarrell2bMrsFarrell2b Posts: 166
    Hi Mad Maxi - the hotel don't allow external photographers. a couple of photographers in the area would photograph if you paid for them to stay in the hotel the night before the wedding. I've contacted the one's I was recommended but their now boycotting the Moon Palace until they allow wedding couples to use external vendors! So unless you have a guest going with you who is a photographer on the side you'll have to use their services! I've heard good reports on the hotel photographers, that they're very patient & will capture any picture you like & from what I've seen they're pretty good too!

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks hun im just being silly im prob worrying about nothing. x
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