Italian brides...What happens once ive walked down the aisle

Hi everyone,

This morning I was just thinking that i've planned everything and then I suddenly thought.... I have know idea what happens when I get down the Aisle!

I've alway thought it would be 'i ... take ... to be my lawful....' but is that an english thing??? I asked my wedding planner and she said they translate some italian legal stuff... do we even talk? do we sign a register? and exchange rings????

OMG!!!! Please help!


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    Ive got no idea, hopefully getting married in Aug next year in tuscany and its all very confusing!

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    I was going to get maried in Italy. If its a civil ceremony, basically you say Si (yes) to questions they ask you and thats it! I know what your thinking, I thought the same... is that it!

    Maybe you could say your own vows, its worth asking your planner?

    We are now thinking of either Cyprus or Greece, due to the relaxed atmosphere and of course the fab weather.

    Hope this Helps
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    Hi Everyone... internet is woderful... I google it!

    this is whats said and as Nessie455 said you just say yes I do in the right part!

    Sample of Italian Civil ceremony

    The classical Italian wedding ceremony it is exactly the same in all municipalities. The ceremony can be personalized with personal vows and readings. Wedding ceremony sample:

    The Mayor greets spouses and guests and thanks them for choosing to marry in their city. After an opening speech the marriage ceremony begins


    Are you Mr. ________and Ms. ________?

    Have you come here to celebrate your wedding?

    I read to you the following articles 143, 144 and 147 that define the rights and duties of matrimony:

    ARTICLE 143

    Reciprocal rights and duties of the spousesWith this wedding, the husband and wife acquire the same rights and accept the same obligations. From marriage derive the reciprocal duty to be faithful, provide moral and material assistance, to collaborate in the interest of the family.

    Both spouses pledge each in relation to their proper circumstances and their capacity relative to their profession to contribute to the needs of the family.

    ARTICLE 144

    Article of family life and residence of the family

    The spouses agree together on the address where they will establish their family life and fix the residence according to the needs of both and the pre-eminent needs of the family. The course of familiar life must be chosen by mutual consent.

    ARTICLE 147

    Dueties towards children

    The wedding imposes on both spouses the obligation to maintain, instruct and educate their children keeping in mind their capacities and natural inclinations and aspirations.


    Does Mr. ________declare to want to take as his wife Ms. ________ here present?

    Does Ms. ________declare to want to take as her husband Mr. ________ here present?

    Ring exchange

    After both affirmative declaration I declare in the name of the law that Mr. ________and Ms. ________ are united in Matrimony.

    Formal part of ceremony


    The year ____on the ____ day of the month of ____at ____ (hour), in a room open to public in the Town Hall of ____in front of me____Registrar of the Town Hall of ____are present:

    Mr. ________ and Ms. ______________ (Groom & Bride generalities)

    Who have asked me to unite them in matrimony and to this end they have exhibited the documents described below, which after having been read by me, will be filed in this register together with the documents produced for the posting of the banns.

    After examining these documents, I see no impediments to this marriage. I have read to the newly married couple the articles of the Italian civil code number 143, 144, 147 and I have asked the groom if he will take ____as his wife and if the bride will take ____as her husband; and having both answered YES of their own free will and before the witnesses present, I have declared them united in matrimony.

    The witnesses:

    Witness n. 1 (Groom witness generalities)

    Witness n. 2 (Bride witness generalities)

    The request, the declarations and answers to the above questions by the Bride and Groom, who do not speak Italian were communicated to me through an interpreter at my request, represented by ____witness who is sworn according to law. Through the same interpreter I communicated to the bride and groom the above mentioned Civil Code articles, I asked each one of them if they intended to be united in matrimony and I communicated to each of them the affirmative answer of the other, as well as the declaration to have united them in matrimony.

    The interpreter has translated the foregoing act of matrimony. This act, after having been translated to the bride and groom and read by me to all present, has been signed by the newly married couple, by the witnesses listed above and by me.

    After the marriage act has been read spouses, witnesses and mayor sign the wedding register.

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