Bridal Speeches??


Was wondering if any of you abroad brides are making a speech?

I want to make a little speech as i have a few things to say that H2B would not know how to approach, but dont really know how to go about it.

Any Ideas?

Oh and i havn't got that much time to play with, we fly out on Sunday and our wedding is a week on friday......xx


  • kimshutlerkimshutler Posts: 255

    I am going to make a little speech - as is my sister... I am not very traditional in that way image Not got a clue exactly I want to say and will probably keep it short and sweet.... Really want to be able to say something about my new husband (!!!) and to thank everyone for coming all that way.

    Do you have any ideas yet? x

    I want to remember my grandparents of whom i was very close to, thank my parents for all there help, thank H2B for making me happy, dont really want the funny speech, H2B has that, i need more of a forceful to the point speech as im known for being a little to the point and proberbly bossy!x
  • hello,

    im getting married 10/09/08 and im gonna say alil speech just to say thanks to everyone for coming etc...

    and to tell my husband that i love him!! crap i know

    and to toast my grandad who died couple months ago he supposed to come with me!

  • panettone13panettone13 Posts: 378

    I'm definately going to make a speech. A very brief one. I intend to keep it simple and from the heart. I won't rehearse evry word but have a list of a few points i want to cover. I don't wnat to upstage my H2B tho' as he is quite shy. So not sure whether to go before or after him..??
  • andreahulmeandreahulme Posts: 193
    I was also thinking of making a kind of speech- especially as my H2B is a bit shy and I think the best man isnt the best speaker. Its still a 'crazy idea' at the mo and I have almost a year to change my mind and back out ! but I was thinking of arranging with the DJ to sing a fun love song and maybe change a few of the lyrics slightly to fit and be a bit comical! I'm really not a great singer at all, but everyone at the wedding knows that and it would be good to rev up the fun party atmosphere...we shall see how it all unfolds!
  • I made a speech and it started off funny as everyone was quite surprised I stood up. It just thanked everyone for coming and I said a few words about my husband.
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