Where has everyone got their silk flowers from?

Hiya everyone

I am so addicted to this site lol! I can finally talk to my hearts content about wedding & not bore my h2b to death, I think he was starting to get abit annoyed with it all lol! So where is everyone getting their silk flowers from if your using them. I have ordered mine from a lady in America called angels accents. They look so pretty & I have read good reviews from this woman but I am now worring there are gonna come to me abit squashed looking as there are coming from along way, & then look even more squashed when I pack them in a case to go to Mexico as I can't take them on as hand luggage as im taking my dress & my partner is is taking his small packpack with passports, documents in etc!


  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    I'm not sure whether to get from Sarahs flowers or Ebay. I'm not sure how i'm going to get them across the Vegas without being squashed or taking up half the suitcase in a box though! What made you go to the US to get them hun?

  • annouskaannouska Posts: 173
    Hi Mad Maxi

    How many flowers did you order from Angels accents? and how much did it cost you? I am getting married in mexico at the moon palace, but I am getting mine and HB2B flowers included in our package. I want to order bridesmaid flowers from the moon palace but they are very expensive.
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    I have ordered mine from Ebay, a shop called Den's Flower Shop I think. I should be getting them soon. I got 1 brides boquet, 1 bridesmaid boquet, 4 button holes and 2 corsages for about £60 including postage, hope they come soon as I leave for sunny Cyprus 6 weeks today x
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    Hi, I have got my silk flowers from sarahs flowers and they are lovely, so pleased with them! I have only got 2 flower girl posies, corsages and buttonholes, still not sure how to pack them, they will have to go in my luggage as they have diamante pins in them, so don't think I'll be allowed them in my hand luggage.

    MrsSouter2B, I leave for cyprus 7 weeks today!!! Whereabouts in Cyprus are you going? We are staying in and marrying at the Imperial Beach Hotel in Paphos.


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    I made my own bouquets & button holes! Finally finished them last night after dragging them out for weeks! They're all packed in an a4 size box with loads of bubble wrap & will go into a suitcase marked "fragile" I'll let you know if they get in 1 one piece - 2 weeks till I get married & only 10 days till we fly eek!

  • Well my flowers cost me about £70 thats with p&p for a bouquet & two buttonholes one for h2b & other for my dad. I ordered mine from angel cos i came across her site & was amazed how lovely they look & saw photos of brides using her flowers. She does these fresh touch flowers where they are ment to feel like real flowers & she sprays them with something so they smell realistic. The bouquet i bought is the one thats on my profile pictureit will have a little jewelled starfish on it too. I dont get them til Jan eek!
  • hi can you ladies send me the websites that you got your flowers from so i can have a look see what they're like


  • Ive got mine from angelsaccents.com
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    I got mine from www.rainbowweddingflowers.co.uk ..I have to pack them in my case tonight as i fly out on Tuesday and have to say I am NOT looking forward to it .image

    I have given my bm's their own flowers as its easier for them to take them in their case than me !..

    My advice would be NOT to have large boquet as i stupidly ignored all the advice and my boquet is quite large hence the panick!!!
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