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Hi All

Does anyone have any photos of the Coral Beach Hotel in Cyprus as that we could look at

my email is color=blue][email protected]

We have been offered a really good package here and would like some more pics

Many thanks


  • jadey4jadey4 Posts: 16
    Error on previous message my email is

    [email protected]
  • madhouse35madhouse35 Posts: 425
    soz..not got any photos, but it is the best hotel in Coral Bay (at least that is what my parents say they live nearby in Peyia) they have spent a night there for their wedding anniversary. xx
  • rtaylorukrtayloruk Posts: 75

    We are getting married there next august - there are some pics on here somewhere - ellaj has just come back from her wedding there and has put some pics on - its probably about 12 pages or so, back.

    All the pics i've seen of the weddings at the Coral Beach has just made me get more and more excited - they all look great! i cant wait!

    when are you looking to get married?x
  • jadey4jadey4 Posts: 16

    Yeah i've seen Ellaj pics and claires i was just after some more off the hotel and reception venue etc

    We're looking towards end of October 09 - long time to go yet but very excited

    we're still awaiting the date the planner was conntacting the hotel but said it could be 3 or 4 days before she gets back with dates as its busy time

    I'm so impatient though!!!

    Hows your plans coming along are you doing it all yourself?

    Lyns x
  • rtaylorukrtayloruk Posts: 75
    My dad and stepmum have stayed at the hotel on a number of occasions and they love it - so i've seen pictures from when they stayed there - its a very beautiful place.

    No we have Ruth from Paphos Prestige Weddings helping us. She's fab.

    Plans are going great! venue booked, DJ booked, Flowers chosen, cake sorted, table decs planned, we know what we are having to eat - all of this is v. premature but we knew what we wanted from the start!

    I hope you get the date you want! fingers crossed!xx
  • jadey4jadey4 Posts: 16
    We have gone for a full package with the bridal consultant lady called Lisa and so far shes been fab so only thing I will have to do is book our flight and sort the rest off the guests out - which will be easier said than done - I just wanted the least hasel and only having to keep in touch with one person that knows what i want is fab

    were also trying to sell our house at the moment sp the less stress the better

    hope everything goes to plan for you and keep me posted
  • rtaylorukrtayloruk Posts: 75
    oh you too.. would love to hear how your plans are going - its nice to talk to someone who is getting married at the same hotel - there arent many people on here going to the Coral Beach!

    I know what you mean - its been so stress free i cant believe it! we havent had to do anything! having someone over there is a real peace of mind - i was worried about the legal side of things but feel much better knowing that Ruth is there and she knows what she is doing!

    keep in touch!

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