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HELP! Boat from Lindos to Kalithea Spa Rhodes - How long???


Im looking for anyone whom might have been on a boat trip from Lindos, Rhodes to Kalithea Spa, Rhodes.... Im looking to arrange this boat trip as part of my wedding next year, however my wedding planner has told me its going to take 2 HOURS! from Kalithea to Lindos on the boat.

My wedding is booked for 6.30pm, that means people wont eat until 9pm!! NOT GOOD.

In a dilema, happy to arrange a coach one way for a 30 min journey there, but really wanted to take everyone back on a sunset cruise after the ceremony instead of asking them to cram back on the coach...

If anyone out there knows any info, even if theyve just been on a day trip over there via boat, i would REALLY appreciate some help.



  • Hi,

    I went by boat from Rhodes town - Kalithea Spa - Lindos a few years ago and vividly remember the journey between the spa and lindos taking well over an hour. (think the entire journey from rhodes town to lindos was around 4!!). It was made worse by the fact it was windy and my h2b got seasick on the way!!! However, it is a beautiful way to see the island and i would definitely recommend it!


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