I am worried about the time of my wedding help!

Hiya all

I have jst found out the time of my wedding. I am getting married 17th march nxt yr at Moon Palace & my wedding is at 4pm the last wedding of the day. I am getting abit worried I dont know what time it starts to get dark in cancun in march time. Im worried that after the wedding the photots will look dull on the beach as it might be getting dark or do you still think it will be still bright?


  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Hey! looking at this chart....it looks like the sun sets at 6ish!!


  • Nicki78ukNicki78uk Posts: 22

    I was at Moon Palace back in March this year (vetting it for our wedding) and I saw several weddings taking place at that kind of time. If anything it's nicer because it's not so hot.

  • MrsB06102009MrsB06102009 Posts: 268
    Hi Mad Maxi,

    Firstly congrats on your weeding, i am getting married in the dom rep next year and hoping that our wedding is about 4.00pm ish as this will be cooler. Also i think the you could possibly get some stunning pictures when the sun is setting. I am going to mexico in november this year so i will clock what time is goes dark and report back.
  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    i was married at 3pm in the DR in june,i wanted it a bit later for some sunset photos,but the sun stayed out until around 7pm!oh well,why dont you email the wedding co-odinater to see if you can change the time?

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