Catholic wedding mass question - Cyprus

My mum has just worried me and my wedding planner has not got back to me in three days now. So if anyone can help ...

Has anyone had a full catholic nuptial mass in Cyprus?

I have arranged a Catholic wedding in a hotel chapel (Kefalos) but now my family are asking for details about the mass part of the wedding which I am not sure is taking place! (It is all very vague when talking about catholic weddings in Cyprus I am not even sure if it is not just a blessing!)

I am getting worried because I don't think my little chapel has been suitably consecrated for a catholic mass and I have paid up front for the chapel!

My family are very strong catholics - I am having the catholic wedding for them! I am so worried I have messed it up!


  • crofty75crofty75 Posts: 842
    I think in cyprus you will be getting the same ceremony as we all do. The only proper mass they would do is if you are greek orthodox and have a proper greek mass which goes on for a while and invloves you both wearing a garland on your head linked together to symbolise your togetherness etc.

    Its not like if you get married here and can choose depending on your religeon.
  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    Hi Chloe ,

    We had a mass for our wedding which I think is how evey Catholic Wedding is conducted in Cyprus be it in one of the Churches or hotel chapels . There were readings , prayers of the faithful and communion . There was no carrying of the gifts or the priest did not say a homily which cuts down the time to about 40 mins or less.

    I think if the priest is coming to marry you in the Kefalos chapel you will probably have the same service as we had in St Pauls Pillar .

    Hope your planner confirms this for you but try not to worry too much it should be fine . My husbands family are quite religous and they thought the service was lovely .

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