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Hey girls,

I have seen that Cuba is quite a popular place to get married but I haven't seen anyone getting married at the same place as me in Cuba, Are there anymore brides out there getting married at the same resort?

I'm getting married at the Paradisus Rio De Oro, Guardalavaca.

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  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    nope sorry, we're getting married in Cayo Coco, Cuba, Went to Guardalavaca on holiday last yr loved every single minute of it

    Emma xxxxx
  • We are getting married at Playa Pesquero, approx 15 min taxi ride from gaurdalavaca. Not stayed at Paradisus Rio de Oro but have heard very good & positive reviews of the resort and weddings there. You have made a good choice
  • We stayed here november 2005 and it was fantastic!

    We booked to have another holiday here in Aug 2007 as kids will no longer be able to go from Nov 2007 as is turning into an over 18's hotel from that date.

    We decided that we would get married whilst we were there as it is truely gorgeous and so that's the plan!

    It will be a quiet do, only us and our 2 kids aged 15 and 13 and also my sister and bruv in law. We will have a great time!!

    Then 2 weeks after we get back we are having a huge reception party, I'm so excited, I still have loads to do like buy a dress!!

    Going to start looking first weekend of Feb x cb x ;\)

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  • Hi,

    We are going to Varadero, in December. Heard loads about Cuba - Can't wait to go. All seems very real now we have booked it.
  • Hi

    I am getting married at the Paradisus Rio De Oro too on the 21st April 2008. My friend got married there a couple of years ago and highly recommended it.

    When do you get married over there??
  • Hi,

    I fly on the 5th Aug 07 and we get married on the 10th. We also went to a wedding there in 2005 and decided that it's exactly what we wanted too.

    It is a truely stunning place you will love it.

    Try this link for some grear reviews if you haven't done already.

    Don't listen to anything bad, we made friends with about 80 people, other peoples wedding guests etc... and not 1 person had a bad word to say about the place.

    If you want any info please ask.

    I am so pleased there is another PRDO bride now as I was feeling quite lonely, ha ha!

  • Hi

    Thanks for the website you gave me. Read some really good reviews and also looked at some of the wedding pics on the site.

    Really excited, i'm glad i will have someone to chat to about the hotel and the wedding. You will have to give me a full report when u return.

    Karen xx
  • Will do for sure!

    Are you going for a traditional wedding dress or more of a beachy style wedding dress?

    I chose mine Saturday, it's ordered and I can't wait to wear it. It's Silk so it's very light weight.

    It's nothing like I'd have ever chosen if Iwas picking from a book, the styles I did like looked horrible on me. I am so happy with it.

    Cheryl x

  • OMG what a gorgeous dress

    Yes picked a traditional wedding dress, nothing to big. Dreading having to try and pack it before we leave.

    I was exactly the same when i went picking dresses. All the ones i picked & tried on looked awful but the owner of the shop was a great help and picked out this gorgeous pale gold dress, which i brought straight away.
  • Oh wow, yours is stunning, very very pretty, you will look fab !!

    Did you see my post on general chat?

    I got a phone call today to say I had won a competion that I entered at a wedding fair on Sunday. The prize is £500 towards a wedding dress!

    Just my luck, I only ordered mine Saturday!

    Oh well I will try and blag some accesories instead! fingers crossed it will work! x

  • You lucky thing, if you can't blag the accesories, just get a dress and flog it on ebay, then you can buy anything you want for your big day.

    Hope you get what you want xx
  • just bringing post back to top to see if we have any new cuba weddings?

  • I am not getting married in Cuba but we are going to the Sandals Royal Hiscos for our 2 week honeymoon in July.
  • Buff bride have sent you an email x
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