Getting married in Jamaica July 07 - anyone been?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site! I'm getting married in July at the Rose Hill resort, Monetgo bay in Jamaica. Anyone been before or know of anyone who got/getting married there!? I'm so excited, we're going for 14 nights and get married right in the middle of the 14 nights! Family are coming with us for the whole 2 weeks, any suggestion on what me and h2b can do to get time to our selves? :\?

Any help or advise would be great, Em xxx

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  • Hiya,

    Can't comment on your resort but I'm getting married in Jamaica in 85 days time (2nd April).

    I think we are possibly the only 2 on here who are getting married out there, or put it another way i haven't come across anybody else yet who has mentioned Jamaica!!!!! and I've been a member for a while now!

    I'm getting married at the Sandals Beaches resort in Sandy Bay.

    Not sure if that helps you at all but didn't want you feeling left out.

    Oh if you find another sole who is getting married in Jamaica then let me know LOL.

  • Hi,

    I haven't come across anyone else getting married there yet! YOu'll have to let me know what its like out there! I've been told lots of good things about my resort just not heard anything about the weddings. Think we looked at the Sandy Bay resort which part of jamaica is it in!?

    Hope all you planning and arranging is going well. It nice to know that I'm not the only one getting married out there. Em xximage
  • Hiya Em,

    Its Negril - apparently the quiet side according to the brochure.

    Though don't believe everything you read!!!!

    It's situated along the 7mile of sandy beach apparently!

    I have practically planned it all now.

    Tell you what does concern me though and not sure if you have read it differently but apparently it takes 4 MONTHS for the wedding certificate to come through. I was expecting to get it on the day(or end of the honeymoon) or was that me being a little naive? Does that mean I can't change my name for 4 months or do I get some kind of temporary document?

    I was going to clarify this when we get out there as I don't think the wedding co-ordinator here will know the answer to that.

    Perhaps its an extreme timescale just in case but I find it a little excessive.

    What if it gets lost in the post or has an error on it maybe what come back have I got then.

    Mild panic setting in now I think....bloody hell!

    I just need to get bridesmaid shoes which are coming from the new NEXT catalogue.

    I was concerned about picture quality but they put my mind at rest about that. Think that about covers it.

    OH big debate at the weekend about wedding insurance. Can't see the point myself so we didn't bother. We have just taken out normal travel insurance and will split the wedding stuff between all the cases so if one case goes missing we don't lose the lot. Did you take out wedding insurance? It seems geared for those doing it in this country and I'd rather spend the cash elsewhere or am I missing something there as wll.

    My insurance company covers baggage up to £1500 for each person so that should cover it if we split the contents between the cases!!!

    ramble ramble


  • Hi, Amanda,

    I was told by Thompson that it can take up to a year for it to come through image (extreme circumstances) but we should have it buy the end of the holiday! check with your wedding co-ordinator when you get there (thats what i'm going to do). We we're also advised to order/buy a few copies of the certificate whilst we're out there because it is very very difficult to get a replacement once we're back in the UK. I'm not sure about the changing the name situation I'm just going to right to everyone (bank etc...) before I go and explain the situation. I know someone whos daughter got married in Nergril last year and said it was really nice. :\). I don't feel to bad about photo's and stuff like that (at the minute anyway) we apparently can choose what type of photo's we want it what style!

    I think I almost have everything sorted for my wedding, me and the bridesmaids are all sorted, just the men to sort out! We haven't taken out wedding insurance (yet) not sure if we will! It does seem geared to UK weddings like you said! Em x

  • Hi

    I'm getting married in Jamaica too :\) also at the Rose Hall In Montego Bay ( july 07), choose my dress on Saturday & it's now starting to feel real, we booked last May so has felt a long way off but now, it's just going so quickly.

    I know at Rose Hall there is the water park, I'm looking forward to that, we have family coming with us to & will want a bit of us time.

  • Hiya Tiggy,

    Welcome to the Jamaica exclusives......looks like just the 3 of us then!

    I'm been on here for a while now and only found Em at the beginning of the year!

    I get married 9 WEEKS today and things are progressing well.

    Dress has arrived - going for fitting 22nd Feb, just need to get underwear now and bridesmaids shoes and that's it. Oh and a shirt for H2B though I hope he has got that under control himself!!!

    I'm getting married at one of the Sandals resorts as per the previous posts.

    if you find anybody else out there on your trawls through who are going to Jamaica let us know lol!!!!

    Best wishes

  • Hi Tiggy,

    When abouts in July are you getting Married, We Fly out on the 17th July for 2 weeks and get married on the 23rd July.

    How good does the water park look?

    Its nice to find someone else thats getting married in Jamaica, just like Amanda said! We're forming are own little exclusive club! image

    apparently the hotel does quite a few excusions, and things! my other half is looking more into that. So thats what we plan to do to get time on our own.

    I have my dress, went for my first fitting last week I felt so special.

    Glad to hear the plannings going well Amanda, mines all coming together, got to find my bridesmaid shoes and decide what the men are wearing yet though. Ben (my other half) has got his outfit, we did pretty well there he has a Green Ted baker shirt (75% off), and some grey Peter Werth trousers (which only cost us a fiver in the sale) and an ivory silk tie! He knows what shoes but is waiting closer to the time to buy them.

    Just the reception to plan for when we get back!

    Em x

  • Hi Em_elf

    We are there from 2nd July till 16th, have had wedding date confirmed on 6th July, check out the website they have some pictures of the water park & pools.

    We are looking into the Dolphin Cove trip, & also Dunn river falls.


  • Boo!

    We are thinking of doing the Dunns River Falls as well but its on the opposite side of the island to where we are I think (Negril is where we are based).

    I was advised the trip is 2hrs - that is 2hrs climbing the bloody thing.

    Oh and by the way they suggest taking rubber shoes - Nike do some so you don't have to spend a small fortune whilst out there!

    Em - not bothering with a reception that was our whole idea of going abroad to stop all the hangers on lol!

    Its just the 4 of us going me, H2b, my daughter and his daughter - simple I hope! We will have an immediate family gathering upon our return to watch the dvd but that's it!!!

    No shirt found yet for h2b have been to Trafford Centre in Manchester today but not much there apart from the remains of sale stuff nobody wants!!!!! I just want a plain ivory/off white short sleeve casual looking thing. His suit was a linen one from Next so its pretty casual.....

    Just bought my earrings today......I had to snigger in the shop.Have you seen "Love Actually" when Rowan Atkinson is the shop assistant packaging that necklace and adding crap into the bag - dried flowers and sprigs of this and that.....well I swear she did the same in the shop for me today.

    They were only a pair of cheapish pearl earring studs and she put them in a box, tied it with ribbon, added silver sprinkles and wrapped it all in tissue paper before putting it in the bloody bag!!!! What a waste. Ha ha

  • tiggy you fly back the day before I fly out there! I want to do both of the trips you mentioned, the plan was to go to dophin cove on the last full day we're there as it will be my birthday (planned that well image) but we will see what adventures we can get up to.

    With the reception, I say its a reception it really a garden party (Ben's parents garden) for our friends and family who could come to Jamaica, we we're limiting it to 100 people but the list just kept growing! 175 now i think, i know not all will come though so we're expecting 100-120 people. It will be interesting.

    There is 11 of us going out to Jamaica, Ben wouldn't/couldnt get married without his family being there!

    It hard buying things for Jamaica now as all thats in the shops is sale stuff, and no summer stuff, we got Ben's in covent garden, pretty lucky getting the bargins we did!

    Amanda - You got the special treatment with your earrings! It doesn't really make sense doing all that when its not a gift for someone! image

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