Wedding Information Packs for Guests

Hello All

I am getting married in Barbados, and am currently putting a wedding info pack together for guests to be sent out with the invites.

Has anyone created something similar? Any tips? Any useful websites with templates? Anyone wish to share theirs, no matter where they got married....

So far I have included....

Key dates

About Barbados - weather, currency, bugs etc

About the ceremony & reception - dress code, transport etc


Flights & the Airport

Gifts - the please don't bother line image

My wedding is not until March 2010 .... but I want to send the pack and invited our Jan 09 so people have time to save etc. My plan is to draft it all now, and then just update it later

Thanks xx



  • Hi Curls,

    Take a look at this website

    They have wedding invitation templates, there is one that's like a chq book that's really nice.

    Happing planning

    Sam x
  • Thanks - I like the style of that ... I already have an invite, so will bind all the info together with ribbons instead! Lovely image
  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122

    We did one of these for our wedding in Cyprus.

    We sent a really small one with flight, hotel info etc with christmas cards, and then after all our replies came back, we sent an 'Order of the Week' out just before we went. We also included a picture and small write up on each of our guests in that booklet which everyone really liked, as well as ideas of things to do and see including the wedding details and the sunset cruise we had arranged for the previous evening.


  • What a lovely idea! The Profiles .... do you have a copy of this in Word or something? Would you mind emailing it to me so I can see how you set it up?
  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122
    Yeah of course,

    what is your email add?

  • That's a great idea, would you be able to email me the template too please. My email is [email protected] thanks sooo much. xxx
  • You're a star, thank you!!!!

    My email is: [email protected] .... we set up a joint email for wedding stuff, and its so bloody handy ...

    Emma, I'll also send you what I have done do far, still very much a work in progress but will give you an idea.

    I have now spoken to my printers, and they have agreed to print this info on the same card as my invite, and tie it all togethr with ribbon (alhtough i suspect I may be doing the tieing!) for only £50 more!!! Bargain!!! Its handy as my invite lends it self very nicely to being tied like this, as its not a card style invite.
  • ps. will have to be `monday as its on my work computer and i am not in til then .... another busy day in the officeimage
  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122
    Hi Ladies

    I have finally sent this to you both. Sorry for the big delay, My memory is pants!


  • EmmaC15EmmaC15 Posts: 495
    Hi Cleem, can I be really cheeky and ask if you could send me the info you have aswell please. I'm just begining to orgainise my wedding in Cyprus (only decided today after having booked the entire thing in the UK) so need as much help as possible.

    My email address is [email protected] :0) x
  • Hi that pack sounds fantastic - could you send it to me too??? my email is [email protected] we're getting married in dom rep april 2009 - can't wait!!
  • Yes of course - i'll send to you tomorrow. Is in draft at the moment, but you will get the idea xx
  • Hi please can I join in and ask for a peek at this pack it sounds great. [email protected]com

    Thanks x
  • Ladies

    You have mail ;\)

    I have been speaking to one of the ladies on this forum about invites - [email protected] - as my printer has let me down, and she is creating me some simple and elegent invites at a wonderful price, so it may be worth you touching base to see what she can do for you.

    I am having my invites set up as follows.... 4 Postcard Size Glossy Cards - with a lovely pattern matching my colour scheme, these are then bound together with ribbon. The top one, is going to be the actually invite, the next two pages will be the info pack text (printed both sides) and the 4 page is going to be an RSVP card which has my address printed one side, and the other side will have the RSVP details, so it will be like a postcard to be sent back. For the evening invites, (I am having a reception on my return) I am just having a one sided simple invite.

    Hope this all helps. Get in touch if you have any queries....
  • Hi please can I also have a look at the information pack, it sounds very useful. Thanks [email protected]

  • Gemma - you too have mail xx
  • kathdevkathdev Posts: 134
    Hi **Curls**

    Could i jump in there and request to see the pack - email [email protected] It seems so creative.

  • Please could you send to me also......Sounds FAB!!!

    Email address is: [email protected]

  • Of course ladies, you both have mail.

    It's just the text I am using, the 'creative' bit is def' the structure/design of invites, which I will take a picture of when I have them all finished.

  • em2207em2207 Posts: 195
    Hi would be ok to send it to me too, i hoping to get my invites out soon and really stuck for ideas, thanks em my email [email protected]

  • Could I please have a copy as need to send my invites out anytime now and they sound just perfect! My email address is -

    [email protected]
  • Also ladies is anyone doing a wedding website?

    I have got one ready to go which (through wedding path) I will include all of the information discussed on this thread on our website which saves a little time on the invites?
  • em2007 and beaubessie - you have mail! remember it's only a draft!!!

    - yes I am doing a wedding website, and the information I am not including on the invites is being included on the website. The info in the pack I sent will be cut right down. I found a good free website solution that allows you to add your own categories etc etc so that it makes more sense for a wedding abroad AND a UK reception. I cant remember what it is though - grrrr - but will email you a link later. image
  • Hola amigas,

    The website we are using is: - you can totally customise every aspect of the structure of it, which I thinks fits us wedding abroad peeps well

  • any chance i can jump in on the band waggon and email me the pack template too?? I'm uber stressing over what info and how to send to our guests as we having our wedding in Greece 2009!image

    many thanks!!:\)

    [email protected]

  • EmmaC15EmmaC15 Posts: 495
    Hey Curls, I received my email, its fab. Thanks very much. xx
  • Glad it's of help!

    Zizzi - I've sent to you xx
  • Hi sorry to be a pain,

    Im gettin married May 2010 in mexico, and am struggling to with invites etc, could you send me the pack pleeeease.

    Email: [email protected]

    cheers x
  • Nat 8 - I am happy to help, and you have mail image

    Everyone - my wedding website is almost there, well kind of almost there, send me an email and I will send you a link if you would like to see it!

  • **Curls** Thank you so much for the information you sent its been really useful. Could you possibly send me a link to your wedding website I'd like to have a look at that if possible?! Thanks again x
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