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I wondered if any of you greek brides are getting married in Santorini. What wedding planner are you using? I have read some negative stuff about a few on the trip advisor forum. Would be grateful for the advise!



  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi Sass

    I am getting married in Santorini on 30th June 2007 (now this year!! image ) !!

    I'm using Weddings in Santorini, who I've been in contact for about a year or so now. I had also been looking at Trip Advisor, and I had been in touch with another bride-to-be who recommended them as she was using them at the time (she got married last year).

    I think I know which 'reviews' you're referring to on Trip Advisor - they were about this same wedding planners? (There was some comments made by some peeps who apparently had a wedding cancelled on the day???). Is this what you're talking about?

    Anyway, my wedding planners have been fairly efficient. We visited Santorini in summer last year and arranged a meeting to see them. At this point, we had already paid the deposit and booked the date and venue. I can honestly say that I was very impressed by them. I found them to be very warm, welcoming and curteous. While we were in their office, there was q a lot of wedding bits and pieces around that had been delivered for different weddings - stuff like centre pieces and flowers.

    Both me and H2B felt quite reassured after the meeting. Esp H2B as he hadn't had any contact with them.

    TBH, they don't always reply to emails straight away. I know that they are busy with other brides. With mine, they have always responded to any queries at the end. And if there's any doubt, then you could always ring.

    Like I said, we're getting married in Santorini in June and we have made decisions on lots of stuff now (it can be a slow process for impatient b2bs!!) - in fact, the majority of it!

    I can understand if you're anxious about arranging what is supposed to be the biggest day of your life through a company that you've never met before. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions at all about my experience so far, etc. I would be more than happy to help!

  • Warris1Warris1 Posts: 44
    Thanks for the advise.

    We did decide to go with the same wedding planner as you. Getting married Sptember 9th 2007 in the Cathedral with a greek Orthodox ceromeny, as my other half is Greek.

    Where are you having your reception? DId you look at any of the reception places whilst you were there? We would probably have 40 people, and are thinking of one of the resturant, but are not sure of the costs of the different ones, and more importantly what the food is like.

    Would love to hear more about your plans!

  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137

    Hi Sass

    How have you found the planners so far? My contact there is Eleni but I was previously dealing with Aggeliki. Eleni is very friendly and efficient, and (touch wood!) everything is going well so far!

    We are getting married at Selene in Fira in a civil ceremony and also having our reception there. I did some research prior to booking the venue but I hadn't actually seen it at that point. We're having 25 guests and they'll be easily accomodated on one of the two terraces there. The reason why who chose the venue was because it seemed to tick all the boxes - right on the caldera so stunning views, contemporary ambience and good cuisine. I spent a lot of time of Trip Advisor looking at different forum comments!!

    Anyway, we went to have a mooch around when we went to Santorini on holiday last year, and we weren't disappointed. If you have a look on the planners' website, you will see that they have lots of piccies of the venue

    While we were over there, we saw 2 other weddings... one in a villa near Messaria. It looked lovely but not v formal. The other one was at the Santo Winery - which was absolutely stunning. Really beautiful - almost made me doubt my plans!! The winery is a beautiful location...

    Where abouts is the cathedral? Is it in Fira (if it is the one that I'm thinking it might be, I think I have seen it and it is gorgeous!

    I guess your decision will depend on cost, location (altho you coiuld always get a minibus) and the kind of style that you're aiming for.

    I don't have a menu yet for Selene as these don't get released until Feb. I reckon we'll be spending £2k+ on food and drink for 25 guests - this is based on 2006 prices and excludes the champage that we're having. BTW, this is based on an open bar for selected drinks, sit down meal and canapes, and also cocktail hour

    ~There's also Amoudi Bay. There's a restaurant there (can't remember name of it sorry) that can acommodate q a large party. It has a different feeling to it. The restauratns there are more 'rustic' but the venue can be styled to suit your tastes - e.g. with dancefloor, dj, white chair covers, etc. etc.

    We are planning to have the greek musicians (sounds wonderful... v evocative- not naff at all - which i was worried about!!), greek dancers, VIP car, and fireworks. These are in addition to the services offered in the package that we have selected (with videographer, photographer, etc. etc.) We were also going to ask the planners to arrange a pre-event (e.g. boat trip with drinks) but we decided against it in the end as we thought we could just organise something ourselves! (and spend more on our hotels!!)

    When we had a meal at Selene, we thought the food was v nice indeed - although for an 'upmarket' type place, certain things like the toilets aren't British standards IMO (although even the nicest hotels are different in style). However, the service was the absolute best that we experienced throughout our entire stay there.

    Have you thought about what package you want?

  • Hi Sass and Mrs Coll2B,

    I'm getting married to the rather lovely Kieran on 9th August 2008 in Santorini. We've been before and fell in love with it - we're off there again this summer to meet our wedding planner and get everything sorted,

    We've booked with Anna at Santorini Weddings and was just wondering if you (or anyone else!) has any experience of her?

    To date she has been really fab - replying to emails, answering queries and being polite and professional. So I was really happy until looking at Trip Advisor and wondering who all the negative posts were about....

    Maybe you can't name them due to the rules of the forum - I'm not sure about that?

    However, if anyone has had a bad experience with my planner I would like to know. My deposit has been paid so I'm going with her anyway - but I'd like to know what to expect!

    I read that someone had their wedding cancelled on the day and that orthodox weddings take precedent over civil ones on a saturday (mine is a saturday) or that sunset weddings were moved and the sunset missed....ARGHHH - I thought going away would be less stressy :\?than getting married at home!

    Also - any help on this will stop my panic attacks! - are you booking flight only and your own accommodation or booking a package? The little company we always go to Greece with has been taken over this year and their prices have ROCKETED!! I'm so worried that our family and friends won't be able to come anymore so any advice on flights and accommodation would be invaluable.

    Finally!! Would be lovely to keep in touch as you approach your big day and help

    Happy Planning

  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137

    Hi Michelle

    Don't worry, I wasn't referring to your wedding planner! I was actually referring to the wedding planner that both Sass and myself are using!! TBH, I take random negative reviews with a pinch of salt (although I can understand why b2bs can get anxious). My wedding planner was recommended to me and so far they have been fine. Sometimes they're a little slow in responding to emails but I do get answers in the end. Like I have said, I have organised lots of things already through them. They haven't been pushy about -upselling' or anything like that. While lots of things have been arranged by them, I have arranged my own flights and some of the accommodation (the hotel that we're staying in before the wedding). I have also arranged my own hairdresser for me and my bridesmaids. Additionally, I am flying over a professional photographer (who is a friend of my sisters) although I am also having the wedding planner's own photographer (and videographer). I wanted my own photographer to capture the -behind the scenes' and the reportage style shots (I want really arty shots as well that I can get blown up onto big canvases!).

    About the time issue... I'm also getting married on a Saturday and I've had to put the time as -near sunset' on the invitations! How about that for vague??!!! Hopefully it's not going to be in the morning in that case (thus making my invitations incorrect!!). As long as I'm not getting married after sunset when it's dark, I'll be happy enough I reckon.

    About guests' flights and accommodation... yeah, that was one of my worries too! I basically advised everyone to check out Kosmar for more budget options. Most of our guests are staying in Kamari, which can be a lot less expensive than certain areas such as Oia. However, most of our friends and family have booked sep flights and accommodation, as you get much more choice. Also, if you book early, doing flights and accommodation separately can be cheaper.

    I think that while I have had my stressful moments, it's generally been not too bad (... well, we'll see how I feel in a few months!). It will definitely be a great idea to visit your wedding planner and speak to her face to face. I think once you've done that, you will be a lot more reassured as it'll be someone -real' that you're dealing with rather than an email persona!

    What ideas have you had for your big day? (I love reading about other wedding plans - esp those that are taking place in Santorini!!! :\) )

  • Hello Again - and to all the Santorini 07/08 B2B - can't believe there's so many of us - I think I'm in the wrong profession! I do have a gift shop so at least I can sort out my own favours though!!!

    Thanks again Mrs Coll - you're so much further down the line than me with all the organization. All I know for sure is that we're NOT having a donkey escort although H2B thinks that's a great idea - how worried should I be about marrying this guy...!!!

    We're so relieved at the mo - we were booked to fly to Santorini on 07 August this year to meet our planner and get everything sorted but she is fully booked from 04 onwards and can't see us. I was past myself at first but then actually realised this is a good thing - she is fully booked so hopefully very good at her job and will spend her days with her brides rather than leave them in the lurch whilst she chases new sales...

    Anyway, we changed the date we fly so we can see her and I'm pleased - I'd much rather do it face-to-face than by email.

    Can I ask a huge favour of you - can you (and other brides) tell me who you booked your flight only through and where you're flying from? We'd much prefer to book flight only but as we're flying from Newcastle we're having probs - there's only one flight a week and the demand is huge so the prices are pretty steep. Kosmar have racked up their prices and when you add in the huge fuel supplement, taxes etc it's adding alot onto people's holiday.

    Some of family don't have a huge amount of money so I'm conscious that I don't want them maxing their credit cards!!

    Venue wise - Selene and the Winery sound amazing but we haven't decided. Our fave restaurant in all the world is in Kamari but it's too small for the reception - we'd be dancing in the street which is no bad thing I suppose!

    I am in favour of a reception in the Fira area because at least then if the wedding is before sunset we'll still get the sunset during dinner.

    One more thing and then I'll stop waffling on! It's the excitment - can't help it!

    Does anyone know of any British photographers who'll be in Santorini for the summer period? I know loads who go to Cyprus, but not to Santorini.

    Mrs Coll2B made me think when she said about the build up/morning shots - these were my favourite pics from my friend's wedding and obviously the planners photographer won't capture these as he'll only be with us for the actual weddding. I need some pics of my having a pre-wedding swim - ha ha!! Seriously though, any advice on photos would be great.

    Keep posting - I'm loving all the gossip!


  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi Michelle

    I have replied to your other post about photography...

    About the flights, I have used Freedom Flights who are flying with Excel Airways. I'm flying from Manchester Airport, but some of our guests are flying from elsewhere (not sure what airports - sorry!!).

    I know what you mean about the flights though as it's only charter flights that go to Santorini and they are once a week. Manchester is Tues-Tues. I have been a bit paranoid myself about guests not booking the flights early cos the flight costs go up the later you leave it (this is what I have found anyway) and then of course, there's only a certain numbers of seats!!! Aaarrrggghhh! (Don't get me started - our best man has only just booked his flight for June 07... was getting a bit worried!!)

    Have you tried Freedom Flights and Thomas Cook? Our families have gone through Freedom Flights.

    Hope that helps xxxx

    BTW, I agree with you about the donkey! There's NO WAY a donkey is going near my dress!!!!

  • Glad you agree about the donkey!!

    Thanks for the Freedom Flights info - I've just emailed them and Flightline to ask when the 2008 flights will be released. If I get a response I put a post up for the other 2008 B2Bs.

    We have 569 days to go - 9th August 2008. It seems like ages away but I know it's going to fly.

    Off my first wedding shoe next week so I can start thinking about dresses. The shops I've talked to said they can pack any dress into hand luggage which is amazing - bring on the puffball!

    Meeting Anna, our planner, on 1st August this year - Really pleased about this!


  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Well girls, it looks like i'm going to be the first to get married in Santorini. Our date is 24th May but we actually fly out on the 15th May 2007. I wish that we wern't the first as I would like to see everyones photos so I know what to expect. I'm really stressed at the moment. Worried about:

    1. The Weather in May ( will it be hot)

    2. The Santo Winery - what should I expect?

    3. The Reception afterwards. Will everyone enjoy themselves and enjoy the food?

    Not only that but I'm sooo mad at H2B. He's left it to me to book HIS family their flights and accomodation. My family managed to do this themselves. Sorry, am I being a bitch? It's that I've got a hundred and one things to organise and buy and he seems oblivious to this fact and I'm sure he thinks I've got nothing better to do. Sorry, just having a moan. How r everyone elses plans coming along?
  • Hi all!

    Im getting married in Santorini on 26th May 07 and am starting to get slightly scared as its gonna be here before we know it! Anyway we had originally booked our flights with Excel Airways - who then decided to cancel all their flights from Gatwick to Santorini (you can imagine how thrilled i was by this- especially as half our guests were booked on it too!) so now we have all re-booked with Thomas Cook, had to pay a little bit more but hey, it'll be worth it im sure! However I know Excel are still flying from Newcastle as my family are booked with them.

    Im not using a wedding planner as such as our hotel our organising most of it for us, but the rest is down to l'il old me but its not too bad as i work in the wedding industry anyway so am used to all things weddingy (not a real word i know)....

    Anyway, really nice to know others are having same dilemmas as me.... image

    dont feel so crazy now....x

  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi to all Santorini B2B's :\)

    It def can be 'challenging' organising these things from afar. I think lots of people think that there's nothing to do as you have a wedding planner and it's abroad, but my experience hasn't been like that so far! Getting the right date and not having to keep moving it was the first thing that drove me around the bend. Also, H2B hasn't been involved in any of the planning really so all arrangements are left to me (including getting flight numbers for his family, getting recommendations for hotels for people, etc etc etc... bridesmaids outfits and making decisions with that with awkward bridesmaids... I could go on!)

    I personally found it v useful to visit the island (last yr) to get a better feel for the wedding planner, the different places on the island, etc. BTW we'd already booked the venue at that point so there was no going back!

    Claire, my wedding planner has a good website. that has lots of pics on it from previous weddings, if you want to check it out!

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  • Warris1Warris1 Posts: 44
    Hi B2B...

    It is getting exciting! I think we are going for Selene as our venue. It sounds like the food is good, and views are stunning.We have not been there yet. Is there space to dance? What is everyone doing for music/dancing? I really want a mix of Greek, and English. Does anyone know of a good band/DJ?

    I agree on the no donkey! Even though I have not brought my dress yet! What has everyone found! What is everyone dressing the guys in? I know so many questions, but its great to be able to chat to you guys.

    I think the cheapest flights look like EXCEL for charter flights. What have people found for the long weekend guests?

    Can not wait to hear from you all!

  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi Sass...

    Yup, the Selene is gorgeous! I can't wait to get married there!! We went to see it and it was just lovely - the views are stunning. It's a lovely place for a sunset wedding. There is space to dance but for music you will need a DJ, as our wedding planner said that they won't allow you to just use your own CD on their sound system. It needs to be manned. In the end, we decided that because we have Greek musicians and Greek dancers until probs about 11pm... it wasn't worth getting a DJ and dancefloor area set up for a couple of hours - bearing in mind the extra cost!

    The guys are going in highland wear (everything black - will be hot!) as H2B is Scottish. Twit-twoo!!

    About the flights thing, you will struggle to get anything other than charter flights direct from Uk to Santorini. 2 of my bridesmaids are going island hopping. This means that they will be flying from UK to other parts of Greece and then getting a ferry to Santorini. Not sure what to suggest, I'm afraid, other than UK-Athens-Santorini?

    It sounds like your plans are coming together a bit more now. Tis v exciting!!!
  • Hi guys

    I can only help you about photography. Search at paphos photographers and If you like some of those guys go for it.
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