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Getting married at Santo Winery,Santorini

I'm getting married at the Santo Winery this May.we've just moved house so i am only just starting to look at the wedding arrangements and am a little worried that the winery may not be the right venue ?


  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137

    Hi BK,

    I have seen your venue and can I please assure you that you have made a brilliant choice. H2B and I went to Santorini last year and went to try wine-tasting at the Winery. Unfortunately the tastings weren't on because of a wedding that was held there on the 'outside bit' of the Winery. It was really gorgeous. The wedding was held at sunset and they had greek musicians that played the 'wedding music' (which I hope you're also getting). I also saw the restaurant part decorated and that was beautiful. One thing is that you don't have absolutely exclusive use (i.e. if you're getting married outside, there are tables on nearby part that non-guests can sit at to admire the sunset). However, we're getting married at Selene and we don't have the terrace actually closed off to the public (although it will only be us on the terrace)... if that makes any sense!!

    Anyway, I hope I have put your mind at rest. Put it this way, I nearly cried when I watched the other wedding as it was so beautiful! The view is stunning and the place appears really classy. Hope my comments help!

    ARe you going through a planner? If so, which one?

  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78
    Hi Bk

    me and h2b are getting married at the santo winery in santorini this june. i heard it is very beautiful. i booked through first choice. the santo winery do cater for evening receptions, but is extremely expensive. Ang
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi BK, H2B ad I are also getting married at the Santo Winery in May this year. What date are you getting married? I've seen a few pictures on the web but like you I don't really know much about it. We're getting married at sunset so hopefully it will be stunning. Do you know what the weather will be like as I'm starting to panic and think it may rain?
  • Hi Mrs Coll2b,

    Thank you for your posting.I feel alot happier now !!! I think i will enquire about the greek musicians all adds to the ambience !!

    We are using First Choice to organise the wedding.But a work friend of mines sister got married in Santorini a couple of years ago and she used kamari Tours to organise their wedding.She was really pleased with how everything went on the day.My work mate is out of the office today but if you would like me to ask her form the conatct name and details please let me know

    Selene looks lovely on the web site so i'm sure you will have a great time on your day.I'm thinking of making a booking there for our celebration meal after the ceremony.Do you have any idea how far Selene is from the Winery ?

    BK x

  • becktorrbecktorr Posts: 711
    i really wanted to get married at the wineery but it is closed in september when we are getting married. it looks really beautiful!

    claire, don't worry about the weather, i don't think it ever rains in greece!!
  • hi Ang & Claire,

    Thank you for your replys.

    Ang -I think you need quite a few guests to have a reception at the Winery ? We have 15 guests joining us in Santorini so i haven't really explored what the Winery can offer by way of receptions.sorry.Might be worth posting a new topic to see if anyone else can help ? we have also booked with First Choice and are stopping at the Tamarix Del mar in Kamari .What date are you getting married in june ? we have requested the 8th so i might see you there ?!! x

    hi Claire - We're hoping to marry on the 8th of june but will have to wait until we get out to santorini for our date to be confirmed.I think (hope) the weather should be fine in may/june.around 23c.The only thing that worries me a little is that i've heard it can quite windy around the caldera rim....might need a cardie !!

    have you had any thought on were you might eat after the ceremony ? x
  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi BK,

    It's only a short car journey from Santo Winery to Selene - about 10 mins?? I would say that it would cost about 7 euros-ish in a taxi. You couldn't walk it anyway in a wedding dress get-up!
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Bk, Yes we've booked The Almira Restaurant in Kamari for our reception. We decided on this as all our guests are staying in Kamari so people can leave when they want to. The cost is quite reasonable. 25 euros per person but thats for a a selection of starters, main courses and dessert. So hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Children go half price. We get married on the 24th May.

  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78
    Hi BK

    sorry i have not been in touch!. i have not been on the website for a while. i have been so busy. our preffered wedding date is the 14th june at the santo winery. we staying at the tamarix del mar from the 5th june. I am getting exited now!, we got to start sorting out the documents . we have got 18 guests coming to santorini. we are going to look for an evening reception when we arrive in santorini.


    i have not spoken to you for a while hope all plans are going well my friend!

    not long now may is only round the corner!

    i just ordered some silk flowers for the bridemaids. i have found out theyhave an hairdresser onsite at the resort we are staying at tamarix del mar.thats good news for me.


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  • Hi BK

    Am getting married in Santorini on 6th May and also staying at Tamarix del Mar! Am so excited! We are getting married at Santa Irene, which is just outside Fira.

    We went to Santorini on holiday last year and there was a couple staying at our hotel who got married at the winery. they emailed us photos & it did look really lovely.

    Lottie x
  • Hi Claire

    My wedding co-ordinator sent me details of the Almeria restaurant for reception, but was concerned bout booking somewhere we hadn't been before. Have you eaten there??

    Lottie x
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Lottie. No I've never eaten at The Almira. I did however have a look on trip advisor as the restaurant also has a hotel The Boathouse. Alot of people who stay here have eaten at the restaurant and as far as I know it sounds lovely. The owner of the hotel/restaurant did sent me details of packages they can do for the reception. The package that I think we'll go for is 25 Euros PP but thats a selection of starters, mains and pudds. It's half price for kids.

    8 of our guests are staying at the Boathouse and it looks lovely.

    When we arrive on the island on the 15th May, we're going to see her and make a final decision on the menu, choice of table linen etc.

    I really can't wait now. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited


  • Hi Claire

    Think it may be our favourite restaurant from when we stayed in Kamari last year, but being useless me & h2b can't remember! Will have a look on their website I think. Where are you staying? I am just getting too excited now, but still sorting our paperwork, have you done yours yet? Got appointment for certificate of impediment monday, then we have got to sort out translation. I have had a list of translators emailed to me from the Institute of Translation & Interpreting, where the lady i spoke to said some may refuse to do it as they will be busy! People that we met last year who got married said it cost them about £150 to get paperwork you know about it? Just got to wait i guess til we get our letter of no impediment, then we can do some enquiring.

    Do you think its mad not to book reception over there til we arrive?! Am feeling bit dubious about it now...

    Lotte x
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Lottie. We arrive on the 15th May but are staying at The Icons in Imerovigli for the first week and then move to the Santorini Kastelli in Kamari on the 22nd May. I don't think it matters if you leave booking the reception until you get there. It's early on in the season so I don't thik you should have a problem.

    We've got an appointment the week after next for our certificate of non-inpediment so that will be sorted. I am worried about all this paperwork. I understand that we see the registrar who completes the forms then the certificate is posted in the registrar office for something like 21 or 28 days. We can then collect it and then our travel agent says we can take this to them plus full birth certificates and a copy of our passports (I think). These are then passed to Soverign. That's all I know.

    How are your plans coming along? It's a shame we won't meet as I assume you would have already left when we get there?


  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357

    Would it be possible for you to e-mail the photos that you have of the Santo Winery to me. I'd be really grateful.


  • yeah no worries, only prob is thst don't have them anymore! Will ask girl who sent them to me to re send and forward them to you as soon as i receive them!

    We leave on 8th may, so we will miss each other unfortunately.

    From what i understand, paperwork goes as follows: meet at registry office with passports and proff of address (divorce papers if any), they have to post it for 15 days in case anyone objects, then when we get our certificate we have to get them translated (only the certificate & birth certificates). However, we have not gone through a travel agent, we have booked it all ourselves, so your agent may be sorting translation for you?

    Our co-ordinator needs photocopies of ours and our witnesses passports, translated birth certs and cert of no impediment faxed to her once we are all done.

    11 weeks to go! wow...are you trying to lose weight? I had a baby in oct, so am desperately trying to lose baby weight! Got stone and a half to go, I really hope I do it, otherwise I will be gutted. My dress does have a corset though, which is good, but everyone is giong to see me in my bikini before the wedding!!

    What made you decide on Santorini by the way?

    Lottie x
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Lottie. H2B and I went to Santorini for our first holiday together 4 years ago so it's really special to us. However we didn't book to go here. We had booked to go to another greek island but 2 weeks before departure, travel agent let us know that we have been overbooked and therefore we had to find somewhere really quick. So I think it was fate that took us there.

    About the dieting issue, I went on a diet in September last year and amazingly lost 3 stone. I do still want to loose another stone if I can.

    I've been to Debenhams today to have a make-up trial at MAC. The girl has made an excellent job and all the colours that I was thinking of. I was dreading it as I've had one done before and I looked like a clown. I told the girl at MAC that I wanted something natural and fair dos she's done fab job.

    H2B's face just dropped when I came back this pm. The make-up's not cheap though and I've got to go back next month (after pay day) to get the rest. The bits I bought today came in at £80!!!!!!

    What made you decide on Santorini?


  • Hi Claire

    We went there on holiday last year and fell inlove with it!

    My friend has emailed me the photos of her wedding, so am ready to forward them to you, can I have your email address??

    Wow, well done on losing all that weight! Fingers crossed will get there. Had our appt for certificate of no impediment yesterday, you have to have separate interviews, and ours will be ready on 7th March apparently, hope its enough time for translation...

    Have had quotes for hair/make up over there, but thinking of doing make up myself as used to do virgin vie parties. Although would be nice to be pampered on the day. The hotel has a hairdresser who haven't sent quotes through yet but others aer around 150 euros without trial run (which I think is def needed!) Do you think bridesmaids need their hair done??

    You haveing your hair up or down? Am really undecided, have a really simple dress (look on, dress called Maisie), so not sure what to do yet...

    Will email photos as soon as get your email address, apparenyl there are 2 places at winery to get married?

    Lottie xx
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Lottie

    I've just sent you my e-mail address and can't wait to see the photos.

    Speak soon


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