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getting married in tuscany

hi- i am in the middle of trying to book a wedding for 2008- in the summer time in tuscany- the internet is great help- and think ive found the venue

are any of you getting married in italy? what are you having etc- we are thingking of a civil wedding outside at a castle- looks stunning and so far- really cheap compared to the Uk.

just after some inspiration if anything- and mor info on what happens next etc...

thanks if you can help:\)


  • Hey hun,

    We are having a civil ceremony in August 2008 in a medieval town hall and our reception is at a massive farmhouse villa which owns acres of olive groves and vineyards. Our guests are going to be staying there during the week before the wedding too so we'll be using it as our base. This way everyone will get to know where the reception is.

    We'll be booking both venues with our wedding planner once we have paid part of their fee. After that we can pretty much pay in installments!
  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    Hi Jojo,

    we're getting married in Tuscany...I may be changing the venue though. We originaly looked at a villa which is beautiful. I was going to have a catholic ceremony but as the villa is in the Florence district it wsa proving to be really difficult to get permission. The civil ceremony at the venue was an astronomical amount so I am now looking at using a wedding planner.

    and a poss diff venue

    Where is the castle you are looking at...if you don't mind me asking?

    The Italian wedding planner that I have been in touch with has given me details of a castle which looks beautiful and for approx the same price as the villa we were looking at....and it has a private chapel so perhaps might have the Catholic ceremony after all!

    We hope to have approx 50 guests from Spain and England and I hope to send save the date cards out in the next few months as we are planning for June 2008 wedding.

    Hope the plans are going well, take care

    Mrsm2b xxx
  • hiya- well ive looked at several places via the internet- for about 60 people- with accomodation close by- the castle is called castello il pallagio- they have there own website and accomodation in villas on the estate for the gusts to stay- we were thinking of having a civil ceremony outside and reception in the courtyard... all in all without accomodation its about 10,000 euros- which i thought was great! the villas for guests are quite cheap as well so people can come over for a week or a few days... the other places ive looked are on wedding websites- though some of the prices are obscene. the castle is in tuscany near siena i think- im getting them all confused! nothing is booked yet- but the castle does look great....vineyards etc... and its own wine cellar- the other options are for a couple of villas-around the same price etc- if you want to know any more then please keep in touch- soooo excited- just need to get it booked, and also gonna send out save the date cards aswell.....thanks for the post- take care...xx
  • hi everyone :0) just after some advice really! we are pretty much decided we want to get married in italy but have no idea where to start, where to look, who to book with, where to have the wedding etc etc! Tuscany does look beautiful and we've been to Florence before and loved it all, but was just wondering a few things. Jojo77 - when you mentioned about the castle you have booked, have you got the website of that and also does the price you mentioned include your dress etc? Where are you all honeymooning? Is it true that you cannot get a set date for your wedding until the first day of the year?! Sorry, hope you don't mind me asking all these questions!!! xx
  • FinlandFinland Posts: 10
    We are getting married in Siena this August and having our reception at Castello Montalto. It's a fantastic castle with accommodation for 45 people.

    We visited Tuscany before Christmas and also saw Castello Il Palagio. Great venue and very helpful staff - they can organise pretty much everything for you! However, we chose to go with Montalto because we could accommodate guests in the castle but Il Palagio was definitely impressive.

    We are in full swing of planning now and decided not to use a wedding planner as we want to do it ourselves. Was finding it little difficult at first but all the suppliers are so helpful!

    Good luck with the search and let me know if you need more info re: venues, I've got quite a few website addresses.

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