My Wedding Report - Grecian Park Hotel Cyprus 04.09.08

Hi Ladies,

Its all finally done and dusted and i am now Mrs Coley!!! ( I have already been to the bank to have my name officially changed with them haha) I will only be able to add a small amount of our photos because they are not online and so as i am writing this i am uploading some of them onto a website allowing me to post some. We bought all our pics on disc and got 72 in our album as they are just fab.

We flew out to Cyprus on Wed 27th August and arrived at approx 630pm at the hotel. As we pulled up outside i was nervous as it was the first hotel we stopped at and all our families were staying in other hotels in Protaras. Anyway we need not have worried as the Grecian Park Hotel is just stunning. We walked into the lobby area after waving goodbye to my family who were on the same coach and made arrangements to meet up later for tea. I was dressed for winter in combats, trainers and t-shirt. Entering the lobby area there was a lady playing the piano and the area is just stunning. We booked in with the lovely reception staff and were taken to our room 221 on the second floor in the tiny lifts.

We walked into our room which was lovely. It was all white with a balcony overlooking the pool area and the sea. We had wine and fruit in the room also which was nice of them. We took in the views and unpacked as best we could before showering and heading out for the night into Protaras. After the second day we decided to hire a scooter due to the distance of where we were staying and where my family were. It was only about a 5-10 min car ride but it was costing approx 40 euro a day in taxi fare. So we hired the bike and it only cost 120 euro for 12 days hire- fab.

We stayed B&B at the hotel and the breakfast was fab. There was sooo much choice, Paul had an English brekkie most days and i either had toast, coissant or pancakes with chocolate spread!!!!

Well it was my 25th birthday on Sun 31st Aug and lots of other family members arrived on this day so we all went out for a meal which was lovely. Also meant more wine in our room!!!Paul got me a gorgeous watch and i had a cake from my parents at the restaurant with about 20 family singing happy birthday and the rest of the restaurant joining in haha. During the day we had been to the water world in Ayia Napa. It was fab and i loved this last time we were in Cyprus. Me and Paul decided to leave a little earlier than the others as we had the scooter and didnt have to wait for a ride back. We were travelling along the main road to Paralimni when this man in a black tshirt and trousers jumped out from some bushes and stopped us!!!Oh yes it was the police..........unsure if any of you know but me and this man share occupations haha. Well we got a £70 fine for not wearing a helmet- what a birthday!!! And no i didnt disclose the truth haha i will never live that down with my colleagues.

Well we enjoyed the sun and evenings for the next few days leading up to the wedding day. During this time we had a look around the hotel at all the various locations for the wedidng etc but once we met Angelos (the hotel wed rep) he organised everything for us. He was lovely although everone seemed to want a piece of him as there are lots of weddings at the hotel. (Only 2 per day but over 2 weeks thats a lot).

On the eve of the weeding Paul went out for tea and a few drinks with all the lads and me, my nan, my mum, my 5 sisters and my niece all went to my nans apartment for the wedding preps to begin. One of my sisters is a hairdresser and a beautician so i was living the dream at no cost haha (She was a true star and she is alo 4 months pregnant so she was really tired in the end). Just a my sister started to put the last few rollers into my other sisters hair who was a bridesmaid all the lights and music suddenly went off!! However this was only a blip and they were back on within minutes. We all laughed and thought is this a sign of things to come but we couldnt have been more wrong.

On the morning of the wedding Paul and i had breakfast then he went to another room that the hotel provided free of charge for the day and i met all the girls in the lobby before we went to my room to get ready. Well the morning just flew by and by the time 2pm arrived everyone was still in the room and i only had an hour left to get ready myself. The First Choice rep came and told us we had to be ready for 2:50pm. Ahhhh the mad dash started. Everyone was thrown out of my room except the bridesmaids who were nearly ready and then i had all of 2 mins to get into my dress. Well we were ready and in the lift going down to the lobby. I took a big deep breath and walked out to my dad who gave me a big kiss. I was then suddenly aware of the DVD lady Jill from Still productions (who was fantastic and i would recommend her to you all) and the photographer Costas Kyriakides (again a real fab guy). We all then done the walk past the swimming pool where all the hotel guests smile clap and chear and you make your way to the cliff bar and down the stairs to the panoramic deck.

I heard Eva Cassidys Songbird start playing and everything went very qucik from then on. I met Paul at the table and we both smiled at each other and held hands. We said our vows and then came the rings. Paul put my ring on beautifully and then i placed his on his finger and pushed up.....with no joy!! His fingers had swollen in the heat and the ring wouldnt go on haha i pushed with all my might and everyone laughed and cheered, even the registrar. The ring finally went on and we were pronounced husband and wife. YAY. We walked through raining confetti and had lots of gorgeous pics taken before going up to the UMI japanese restaurant for the cutting of the cake and champers! The views were amazing so we got more pics up there. Everyone was calling me Mrs Coley and i was loving the attention. It was then i realised i had ripped the bottom of my dress but wasnt bothered as it was only there to be worn once haha. The dress was actually very comfy and i felt great in it. It was a Mori Lee dress style 2056 from Berketex.

We all then went down to the Xasteria bar for cocktails and me and Paul were then taken up to Cape Greco for Sunset pics which we nearly missed as the taxi driver took us to the wrong part of the mountain haha. The sunset photos are amazing and i would recommend getting them done as the setting was truely fab. We then got back to the hotel and made our way to the New Sea View Marque. It was lovely. I had ordered the decorations with the hotel and they were perfect. I had taken scrolls with attached placecards and ivory box favours with me and then the hotel placed vases of cream roses and square vases with floating candles and rose petals- it was lovely. We then had the BBQ meal which was just gorgeous with so much choice. It all went in a flash, the speeches, the gifts and the food. We then returned to the Xasteria var for a DJ who was great. At 130am i was so tired due to dancing so much that we decided to go to bed. Everyone apart from my immediate family had already left. So we said goodnite and went to our room where Paul took the clips out of my hair. We stopped counting at 70!! We then opened the rest of our cards and gifts before falling asleep together. ( No ladies we didnt get it on and neither of us were too bothered as we were soo tired) Although we have now made up for it haha

The next day we had champagne breakfast in bed compliments of the hotel. It was lovely. That evening we had a complimentary candle lit dinner for two which again was just perfect. The hotel really did make everything special for us.

Well i hope you have enjoyed this reprt and sorry if i have missed anything you wanted to know out of it. I could write about it forever but keep it short and sweet hey.

If you have any questions please ask on here or email because before we were married i was obsessed with any other Grecian Park Brides and what they had experienced so feel free and i would love to tell you.

I will try and add some pics on now.

Nicola x



  • Well ladies i hope you liked the pics. Sorry i couldnt get them all on so i put some of my favourites.

    Nicola x
  • wow you lokk stunning, the pics are fab and it sounds like you had a dream day.


  • Wow, what a lovely report and the photos are stunning. Your wedding sounded fantastic! Congrats xx I am getting married 9th June at Nissi Beach Hotel so not far from where you got married! i was pleased to see that you had ~Costas Kyriakides for your photographer as I have just booked him! I have been dying to see some of his recent works and from what i see from your report it looks like I've booked a good one image I don't suppose you would mind sending me a couple a bit bigger to look at? [email protected] uk Thanks and congrats again... xx
  • Mrs Coley you look stunning, I love your dress and hair! Congratulations to you both. I am getting married there next July and really cant wait now, I have a few questions if you dont mind....

    Was it really hot while you were having your meal outside?

    Would you recommend the bar where you had your dj (what were the other choices like?)

    Do the hotel charge alot to decorate the tables etc?

    Was the dj good?

    Love your bridesmaids dresses, hope you dont mind me asking where they are from (I am thinking of having ivory)

    Thanks so much for your lovely report, I also would love to see more pics if you have any [email protected]

    Claire xx
  • Thanks for your lovely replies ladies.

    Marie 1981- i'm having trouble with the pics to be honest it took over an hr to upload the few i have put on here. I will put some of the hotel etc on later when i have uploaded them too. Im no good with technology and i dont even know how to resize them sorry.

    Clarissa78- We ate at 730pm which i prob a little late but no it started to cool down after 6pm. To tell you the truth i didnt even notice the heat on the day. I wasnt too hot. I would recommend the Xasteria bar where we had our DJ. It is a lovely setting, very modern which i like. Or there is the white bar which i didnt see but didnt like the look of from pics on here. The hotel decorations for the table werent too bad actually. The vases were about 10euro each and the coloured ribbons for the napkins were 1 euro each. I think it came to just under 100 euro for the table decs. The adult bridemaid dresses are from Monsoon and the childrens were from BHS. They are gorgeous and i will be trying to sell them now that were back as they dont want them haha.

    It really was a fab day and i wasnt even going to have a DVD but soo glad i changed my mind. We went with Jill from still productions and i couldnt have asked for much more she was just fantastic a really lovely person. Costas Kyriakides was the photographer and he was wonderful. He tells you exactly how he wants you. His prices are quite expensive compared to some others but its well worth it. We bought all our pics on disc.

    Nicola x
  • Well hello Mrs Coley!!!

    You looked amazing!! I cant believe it I have been sat here reading your report...and im in tears!! Sounds like you had the most amazing time! Cant believe its 264 days till its my turn and you've made me 10 times more excited!! if you've got any more pics id love 2 see them my email is [email protected]

    Thanks so Much

    Natalie....Mrs Fortune 2 be!!
  • Jem27Jem27 Posts: 207
    Wow!! You look stunning, sounds like you had a fab day, what a lovely setting for a wedding, your photos are amazing!! xxxxx
  • Hi Mrs Coley! Congratulations. Loved your report & photos.

    That's a wicked idea hiring a bike/scooter. do you have to have a bike licence? or is it like over here where you can ride a scooter? are they easy to use & where do you hire them from? so glad they let the men get ready in another room. they were talking & worrying about that just last night.

    x x x
  • Hi Fairy princess,

    No you dont need a bike licence just take both parts of your driving licence. It was good for us as they drive on the same side of the road as us. My hubby drove as he's a hgv driver so i can trust him to drive most things haha. You can hire them all over as there are hire shops on every corner. We got ours from Yerimos. There are a couple of these shops (think they are brothers) The one we went to was on the corner on the main road in Protaras near to the Odessa hotel. Get a few quotes as others were charging more.

    With regards to the room for your H2B to change in, we were told by Angelos to ask reception about it on the morning of the wedding and they gave us it for the day free of charge which was helpful. My dad and the other lads also used this room.

    The hotel is fab and the day was more than perfect so i hope you have a fantastic time, it really does go way too quickly.

    Good luck x
  • Hi Mrs Coley - have another question if that's o.k? what is the exchange rate like out there? I've opened up a bank account with nationwide to get free withdrawals over there to pay all the bills rather than carrying the cash around. wasn't sure whether to get any money changed before we go?

    thanks x
  • hi ur pics are lovely. we marry 19 may 09 @ grecian park, so excited!!!

    were there lots of round tables or were u all on one table @ the meal? wud luv the bbq under the marquee same as u. Hope can get it!!
  • LAuk1LAuk1 Posts: 175
    Congratulations! I've been dying for you to post your wedding report (I get married there next Sep)

    Your photos are lovely.

    I have a question, what did you do for drinks for your guests for the cutting of cake/BBQ?

    I'm going for the BBQ too so glad you said it was good, that puts my mind at rest!
  • Hi Ladies,

    The tables were set out in a hexagon shape for us but the manager goes through everything with you when you're there and you can pick how you want the tables set out with him depending on how many people you have there.

    With regards to the drinks whilst cutting the cake-when you organise your day with Angelos he tells you how many bottles of champagne (or sparkiling wine- as the champers was extremely expensive approx £70/bottle) you need for your no of guests. We paid for the meal (BBQ) (approx 35euros/head), wine with meal (113euros), water with meal (36euros), wine for cutting cake (108 euros)...i think that was the drinks. And they later gave us complimentary punch which i could just drink now it was fab.

    Please dont worry about anything as the hotel is fab and sorts everything and the day will be a breeze. I wish i hadnt worried but thats just natural.

    My new bank cards with my married name on came today YAY!!!

    Fairy princess - the rate was same as over here. Dropped and went up the same as here. Nationwide is the best bank to use but we just took the cash with us.

    Nicola x
  • Hi Nicola

    Have another question for you if you don't mind. Don't suppose you noticed if they have internet access for you to use at the hotel. I need to do internet banking you see & have to move my wages the are paid end of month to bill account first the 1st of month. x
  • Yes hun they do have access to the internet at the hotel. Turn right at the reception desk and there is a big sign at the lifts telling you how to access it x

  • Well hello Mrs Coley!!!

    You looked amazing!! I cant believe it I have been sat here reading your report...and im in tears!! Sounds like you had the most amazing time! Cant believe its 264 days till its my turn and you've made me 10 times more excited!! if you've got any more pics id love 2 see them my email is [email protected]

    Thanks so Much

    Natalie....Mrs Fortune 2 be!!

  • Hi Mrs Coley

    Wow what a wedding report and the pictures are absolutely stunning!!

    Ive been trying to decide what hotel to go with for our wedding in July and i think you've just made my mind up for me image

    Can i be really nosey and ask who you booked with and how much it cost ffor the full thing as im also having roughly 20 guests and trying to work out a rough budget.

    Also did u book ur wedding photographer & dvd lady privately?

    I really want ur photographer, ur photos are just breathtaking.

    Wishing u much happiness in your new future as husband and wife xxx



  • Hi Wifeymaterial,

    You're not nosey at all i was exactly the same before we went.

    We booked with First Choice, both the holiday £1700 (B&B for 2 weeks) and the wedding package approx £300, however, if i had found this site before booking i would not have booked the wedding package with First Chice. Dont get me wrong we had no probs and they were fine but i would have gone with Kerry from Aisle of Love (they have a website) as she was very helpful with me even though i didnt use her and lots of brides on here highly recommend her.

    It cost approx £5 each for the declarations to say we were free to marry. The registrar fees and licence fee was approx £450. The BBQ meal for 26 people was approx £30 per head . Wine with meal, wine for cocktail and cutting of the cake and water with meal all cost approx £200 and the table decorations provided by the hotel cost approx £80.

    Obviously the price of your dress, suits, flowers, rings etc will all differ depending on what you want. Also, the hotel had their own hairdresser but i didnt use them as my sister done all this and make up so i was pretty lucky there.

    If you think of anything else i can help you with then please ask as i like to help. I might have missed some stuff off you would like to know about so just let me know if i have.

    Nicola x
  • Sorry forgot to tell you about the DVD and photographer. The DVD was booked privately, just email Jill on the email i have posted earlier on this thread and she will get back to you. Also the photographer has a website (Costas Kyriakides) he is quite expensive but was the best we found. He really is fantastc. Again just fill in the form on his website and he will get back to you or email him regarding the dates etc,

    Good luck

    Nicola x
  • Hi Mrs Coley

    Thanks for all your help and advice.

    Tried to book our wedding and stay at the Grecian Park hotel, unfortunately they didnt have any twin 4 rooms to sleep us and our 2 children. We would have had to book out 2 rooms at full rate, crazy! The kids are only 2 and 4 at the wedding time.

    Anyone else found this with hotels? Ive came accross quite a few so far.

    Anyways we are now all booked up at the sunrise hotel in protaras, proposed wedding date the 7th July, absolutely delighted image

    Can i ask what time of day you had your wedding at? Im thinking late afternoon like 3 or 4 when its cooler.

    Also going back to the photographer, decided we are defo going to go with him. Already emailed him and ive to send him another one when we have the definite date and time in 21 days.

    What package did yous go with?

    I know i definitely want the sunrise photos, there just gorgeous!!

    Thanks again

    WifeyMaterial xx
  • MrsJENMrsJEN Posts: 194
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your pics, they are beautiful xx
  • Hiya Nicola

    Congratulations on your wedding! I've been dying to read your review! I am sooooo excited now for my wedding at the Grecian. I had a few tears looking at your photos! Love the sunset photos! I'm defo going to look into getting those! Just hope i can time it right as were not getting married until 16:30. Would love to see some photos of where you had the bbq as i think it has changed since i was last there. Congratulations again!

    Luv Clur xxx
  • carrukcarruk Posts: 22
    Hello there Mrs Coley

    Wow you look stunning!! What a day you have had, and all went well, Cannot praise Costas Gill and Grecian Park enough they were all Fav at our wedding. Your report is just amazing and I hope you are settling into married life xx

    Lots of love

    Linda Carr
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