Las Vegas - Bellagio??

Hi All,

new member and bride to be here - my fiancee and I have decided on a Vegas wedding, but in the Bellagio. Has anybody here experienced or had a wedding there?

We have seen the package virgin holidays offer for the Bellagio but it offers nothing in the way of a reception meal etc...i am completely at a loss.

Haven't got a clue where to start - HELP!!

Absolutely ANY advice greatly appreciated


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    I went to a wedding in Las Vegas last year, at the Luxor...well they were married in the Little Chapel of Love and then the reception was at the steak house in the Luxor. I think with most wedding packages they don't include a reception unless you pay extra for the Bellagio and enquire yourself about anything you're not sure about. My frineds did the whole thing themselves on the was a fantastic wedding and everyone thoroughly enjoyed first it's daunting but once you get your foot in the door, you'll be too stressed to feel lost!! good luck, vickie xx
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    I am getting married in sept in Vegas - at the little church of the west - the best thing about vegas is the fact the packages have everything you need for the wedding, and a lot of the restaurants have private rooms for receptions - if you want a good overview of what is on offer in vegas get a book called "neon nuptuals"... very useful book. Best of luck - i hope you find everything you need.

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    We are renewing our vows in Vegas next year in May. We looked at the Bellagio but ended up choosing the MGM Grand as the wedding packages there are so good.

    Its really exciting! Just a shame I have so long to wait! image

    Shelley xx
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    I got married in Vegas 6 weeks ago it was fantastic, we got married in the little white wedding chapel then had our reception in the cannaletto in the Venetian hotel it was amazing. When i looked around for wedding packages i found they didn't include a reception some would do a cake and a glass of bubbly but no actual food, you have to book this seperately with the restaurant you want to eat in. I didn't eat in the Bellagio but can thoroughly recommend the Canalnetto, the hotel is the most beautiful i have seen and the food in the restaurant was gorgeous. As for price i had the menu that was $50 a head plus all the taxes worked out to about $60 a head and didn't include any alchohol although they did provide private dining rooms. Hope this helps.
  • hi there - congratulations! We got married at the Bellagio in September and it was wonderful - we chose the terrace overlooking the lake, and the fountains play for you at the end of the ceremony.

    You don't need to book a package via Virgin - we booked our flights with Expedia and worked with a wedding co-ordinator at Bellagio direct to find the package we wanted (they range in price from $1,800 to $20,000 and so you can spend as little or as much as you want once you see what each package involves). We went for a Deluxe package at $1800 but booked additional photography and flowers - it worked out better that way for us.

    We booked our room at the Bellagio via our wedding co-ordinator - we ended up with a big saving on advertised rates, and we got upgraded to a suite which was fantastic. I also booked my hair and make-up appointments through her which took a lot of hassle out of it. You can always book a hotel via Expedia too though - they get very good deals on most hotels in Vegas.

    If you book your wedding with the Bellagio direct they will also give you a limo to take you to and from the courthouse to get your licence.

    We chose Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for our reception - it's a 5 minute walk to the venue from the Bellagio terrace, but we got a limo (very self-indulgent!). They did a great job for us - lovely food (huge portions too!), nice atmosphere, and a view of the Bellagio fountains. They organised a wedding cake for us via their bakery - we provided the design, though they have hundreds of set designs to choose from.

    We found it's best to look at restaurants with set price menus to take the worry out of the budget - the website below lets you search reception venues in Las Vegas with fixed price menus by cost and cuisine if you don't fancy Mon Ami Gabi.

    I hope you find what you want - shout if you have any questions!
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