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Update on my disasterous wedding

Hi Girls

Well as you all know on friday i found out the place i had ordered my wedding dress bridesmaid dresses etc etc from had gone bust and needless to say i was devistated.

So over the weekend i found a new shop that sold the wedding dress i had previously ordered but not the bridesmaid dresses, so i thought nevermind the girls can have a new style dress not a problem.

Well girls i dont know what it was but when i tried my wedding dress on in the new shop i hated it and not just hated it i despised it, i dont know weather it was because i asssociated it with the other shop going bust but i then had to look for another dress, so after paying out £630 in deposits again i now have my dress and the bridesmaid dresses what do you think.

My dress

Bridesmaid Dresses


  • ps - my bridesmaid dress in is purple not the colour shown lol
  • I love your dress. I want a skirt like that on mine but looking for halterneck as i've got tattoos to cover up ( classy bird i am!! )
  • well i managed to get it at a bargain, its by imogene and the price was £800 but the lady in shop new my situation over the bridal shop going bust so let me have the shop one for £450 just short of half price.
  • Your bridesmaid dresses are the exact same dress my bridesmaids wore - it looks so gorgeous on!!! Mine were in red.
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