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  • I did wonder Kelly, there don't seem to be many pics of Mon Calpe out there!

    Girls, I need some advice regarding travel. We are travelling with my son, his girlfriend and their baby who will be a year old toddler by then. We are staying in La Duquesa which is nearer to Gibraltar airport than Malaga but if you hire a car I believe that you have to walk through the border to La Linea to collect your car. With suitcases and a toddler in a buggy that seems a bit of a hike, can anyone advise; 20 mins travel from Gib but a hike through the border area or 45 (ish) minutes from Malaga and car hire just outside?
  • We used to fly into gib but flights stopped from manchester so we started flying into malaga , flights are now running into gib again but much cheaper to fly into malaga , and you don't have to walk hire car in malaga and drive through border nito gib , can take a bit if a flight landing or at tea-time up to 20 mins queue to drive in but if you go during day its 5 mniutes at border check if that , we always hire from carjet at malaga as they are cheapest just done it now , its about a 40 to 50 min drive from malaga to gib hope this helps
  • oops sorry misread you , you will have to either get a cab from airport to border then walk through or hire from malaga , i recommend malaga as flights cheaper and no taxi fare or border
  • Thanks Lisa, that's sort of what I was thinking plus there's more choice flying into Malaga and we may be able to fly from Liverpool which is closer again to us.

    I googled car hire and Carjet didn't come up, I wondered if they'd changed their name - off to have another look!
  • this is link for you
  • Thanks Lisa,

    We booked cars last year through Hertz 'cheaper' company and were bussed to the pick up location. Got confused on the return journey and were driving the wrong way along the road they were on, thankfully realised our mistake but were driving on fumes by the time we got there to be bussed to the airport! Don't want to be doing that with a toddler on board!!!
  • swaussieswaussie Posts: 65
    Oh I so wish we would have had the choice of Mons Calpe when we booked. Would definately have chosen that!
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey ladies WOW Mons Calpe looks lovely, I think I would have been tempted to get married there too!!

    Mumsal if you are looking at hiring from Malaga airport then I have used this company in the past and will be using them again in June and have never had any problems with them.

    Welcome Kelly99 have you got much planned yet?
  • We have managed to get all the major things sorted for the wedding next July. We have booked St. Bernard's Church and the Alameda Gardens for photos and champagne. Our day and night reception is in the Mons Calpe Suite. I hope the suite is ok when we go over in May (when I went in November it was like a building site). Apparently, the Mons Calpe is going to be fantastic once it is refurbished!

    In May we are staying in the Eliott hotel, but we will also be looking around the Rock Hotel (we need accommodation for about 50 people) to see what they have to offer.

    I have also managed to find a photographer and florist and have recommendations for a wedding cake and hairdresser. All this just through email!!

    The only thing I am struggling with is wedding cars. I thought I had it sorted but the person has not bothered to email me back so they will not be getting my business. Thought about using a wedding planner but they wanted an extra £100 for the same car and I am not prepared to pay that! Any recommendations of wedding cars would be greatly appreciated. I believe there aren't many companies for wedding car hire, it is more people with nice cars who hire them out.
  • doublecodoubleco Posts: 1
    Thank goodness there are other Gib brides out there! I am getting married in Gib in July 2010 at St. Bernard's Church followed by photos in the Alameda Gardens and a reception in the Mons Calpe Suite.

    The PDF for the Mons Calpe is out of date. I went out to Gib in November last year when they were refurbishing the suite. The new suite was due for completion in April this year. The price has also gone up to reflect the refurbishment - it is now £100 per hour instead of £150 for 3 hours.

    I am going out to Gib in May to view the new suite and pay deposits to suppliers etc. From speaking to Stephanie at the Mons Calpe that the new suite is going to be fantastic with its own balcony and a new entrance. Can't wait!!

    Hi Kelly99,

    Yesterday the 21st of April we came all the way from Portugal to perform a wedding at the Mons Calpe Suite. We have shaked the whole Rock with our repertoire and energy. If you ask Stephanie about Double Cocktail that performed that wedding date she will be able to tell you more about us and how the party went. Please fell free to contact us if you need further info.Meanwhile you can check our videos on ;\)
  • alixcannalixcann Posts: 36
    Hi ladies,

    Mumsal Just thought id put my 2pence in for advice...

    You cant hire a Car in Gibraltar you have to hire it over the boarder in La Linea, however duquesa is about 20 mins away from Gib and at least an hour away from Malaga, if you go on Toll Roads which can cost up to about 15-20 euros all the way there. The coast road would probably take you about 2 hours. Plus Gib airport is so easy....! You are off the aircraft and out of the airport in less than 20mins. Walking over the boarder is a hassel more than time consuming but would save you alot of traveling time compared to flying into Malaga and to be honest it would probably be the same distance to get to the hire car place in Malaga airport and walking to the Car hire in La lInea! Sometimes its cheaper to fly to Malaga but there is a reason for that, Gib airport is just so easy to use.

    Hope it helps a bit....

    As for my car hire I have been given the number of Parody Tour in Gibraltar, they are a tour agency here in Gib but I think they also do Wedding Cars...I also know that they are very expensive in Gib...considering that everything in Gib is less that a 5min car journey!!So make sure you get your monies worth and get them to pick everyone up!!

    Kelly 99, what have you been recommended? I might be able to give you a bit more advice?

    Ive only got 45 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks Alix,

    It's just so confusing! The car hire websites aren't really clear about if their cars are in La Linea or Gibraltar itself. One site mentions border crossing cards I have no idea what they are!

    Ah, well we can't really do anything until the flights go on sale for next summer so I'll just keep looing and see if I can find the answers to my questions!
  • I can help you with this , we go to gibraltar regularly and all the car hire places are in la linea not gib all over border you pick up car fom car park over border , we have hired from carjet for last 4 years and they have been no problem whatsoever and to be fair you walk out of check in and go about 2 mintues down stairs to car hire place and drive straight out , we always found it easier gib airport is very easy but malaga is not harder at all , anyway if you need hand let me know , lisa
  • Alixgib, any help would be appreciated.

    With regards to wedding plans I have sorted most things out. I am struggling with wedding cars and a DJ for the evening reception. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    With regards to getting to Gibraltar I am flying from Manchester and we are all staying in Gibraltar so we won't be hiring cars (it sounds complicated!)
  • Hey girls,

    Silly question, is there a British Post Office in Gibraltar?

    My husband wonders if he'll be able to access his pension (paid into a Post Office account) whilst we're there.
  • alixcannalixcann Posts: 36
    Hi Mumsal,

    There is a post office here in Gib but it isnt a UK post office and you wont be able to acess your pension from here. Sorry....its not really very good at posting things either!! xx
  • Yes there is of the road from casemates square up to john mcintosh square on your right
  • Have been wondering about DJs for the evening wedding reception in the Mons Calpe. Can anyone recommend a DJ? Not quite sure if we should have a DJ, but not sure what alternatives are available. Does anyone have any ideas????? What are other people doing for their evening reception??

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  • swaussieswaussie Posts: 65
    Hi girls image

    Regarding wedding cars, our hotel recommended Francis Garage in Gib. We rang them up and they have one gun metal green jaguar at £180 or a black vintage citron HB at £160. The price is to take you from the hotel to ceremony, onto wherever you have pictures taken and then onto reception venue and they will not change the price if you only go to and from ceremony, it's one price and that's it. Hope this helps. The phone number is +35020076811.

    For the reception we are compiling our wedding playlist on my ipod and having that with some good speakers.

    I agree that the post office is slow. We have posted items from Gib several times and it always takes about two weeks.

    I'm looking for a photographer. Have found a few on the net but not sure which one to go for. Any advise?

  • Hi Bella

    I emailed lots of photographers in Gibraltar, some didn't bother to even reply so they are not getting my business. We have decided to go with John at the Photo Centre ( His website looks very good, you can see his work and he always replies to my emails. We are getting all our photos put on CD so we can produce our own album.

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  • MrsSalt2bMrsSalt2b Posts: 46
    Hi fellow Gib brides!

    Hope you are all well - cannot believe that i have only just found this site with 49 days to go until the big day!

    We just got back from Gib on Monday and have now sorted out all of the final arrangements; flowers and photographer - think all is in place, just need to get our rings which we are doing this weekend. All very exciting!!

    How is everyone else getting on?

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey MrsSalt glad you finally found us image You must be so excited, I know I am and I have 57 days to go!!

    So where are you getting married having reception etc?

    We're pretty much sorted apart from going to see the registrar which we will do end of May I think.

    Bella can't help with the photographer I'm afraid as ours is included in our hotel package, hope they are ok!!!

    Enjoy your weekend ladies x I'm in UK, flew in on Wednesday to surprise H2B and really looking forward to our weekend seeing friends etc
  • Kel-lou1980Kel-lou1980 Posts: 44
    Are any of the Gibraltar brides getting married in a church? I am getting married in St. Bernard's Church next year and I am trying to sort out paperwork with my local parish priest. Does anyone know what is the earliest I can complete the paperwork for a church wedding? I have asked the priest in Gibraltar and he does not know!
  • gavsterukgavsteruk Posts: 2
    Hi Kelly99

    We just got married in Gibraltar with the reception in the Mons Calpe Suite at the top of the Rock.

    We didn't have a DJ, rather a band called Double Cocktail and it was without question one of the best decisions that we made (although our day was perfect so it turns out that all of our decisions were spot on image).

    Double Cocktail were simply amazing with great voices and they brought a massive amount of energy to the party.

    All of our guests (22 of us in total) said how fantastic they were and that ours was the best wedding they have ever been to.

    Hope this helps.

    PS their website is
  • gavsterukgavsteruk Posts: 2
    Hi Kelly99

    We just got married in Gibraltar with the reception in the Mons Calpe Suite at the top of the Rock.

    We didn't have a DJ, rather a band called Double Cocktail and it was without question one of the best decisions that we made (although our day was perfect so it turns out that all of our decisions were spot on image).

    Double Cocktail were simply amazing with great voices and they brought a massive amount of energy to the party.

    All of our guests (22 of us in total) said how fantastic they were and that ours was the best wedding they have ever been to.

    Hope this helps.

    PS their website is

  • alixcannalixcann Posts: 36
    Hi Kelly99,

    I am getting married in Kings Chapel here in Gib and have just completed all the paperwork...just let me advise you to be prepared!! They only work 3 months in we are getting married in June and couldnt start the paperwork until April. Their email address is [email protected]

    coz I believe that the paperwork can be completed and sent to them online... we heard a little rumor going around in the que...which was long!! There is alot of queing involved, for really no apparent reason! If you speak to them im sure they will advise you what you need to do and when is the earliest you can do it.

    Hope it helps xxx
  • LISAM696969LISAM696969 Posts: 33
    They are really helpful , I spoke to a lady called vanessa there and she did everything via e-mail for us we just have to take in original paperwork when we arrive in gibraltar , but i booked our wedding in october for this August , didn't know it was 3 months they never said , good luck ! had a bridesmaids dress fitting today that went well , but i've got a net petticoat for under my dress and not sure if it looks right or without aaah !!!!

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  • Kel-lou1980Kel-lou1980 Posts: 44
    Hi Lisa

    Are you having a church wedding? I have been told that if you have a church wedding you have to go to the office in person to complete the paperwork at least a week before the wedding.
  • MrsSalt2bMrsSalt2b Posts: 46
    Hi ladies!

    We get married at the Caleta on 20/06 - only a small affair with only my Mum and Dad going who live in Spain (I am an only child so would not be fair to not have my parents there) - H2b is from a large family and some could not afford and with others, where do you stop with people to invite especially with lots of children - so thought would just play it safe!! Sounds selfish to some I am sure but I am only getting married once!!

    We will then have a 'reception' when we get back to the UK. Just want to keep it simple and enjoy our day - plus that way we get to have 2 celebrations!

    After Gib flying off to Barbados for 12 days of what i hope will be idilic bliss - H2b not very good at relaxing on a sunlounger though!!

    Has anyone else got married abroad and then had a 'reception' back home? Has it caused any friction in the family? H2b family say that they are ok with it but not too sure.....

    What are anyone elses plans for honeymoons?

    Finally chosen the rings on Sunday - just need to have them made. Ooh so exciting!..

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey ladies

    Hope all the planning coming on ok.

    Alixgib we emailed and booked our date and sent the paperwork back in September and made payment but have to go in to the registry office to show our originals. From what I understand you can book your date up to a year in advance but you have to go to the registry office up to 3 months in advance and as late as the day before to show all relevant paperwork etc Hope that makes sense.

    Lisa share some pics if you want us to help you decide with or without the petticoat.

    MrsSalt2b We're getting married at the Caleta too the week after you, how EXCITING Originally we had approx 50 people but as the time is getting nearer we are having lots of drop outs, mainly H2B's side as in NONE of his family are coming which he and I are gutted about and a lot of his friends aren't able to join us for various reasons which is a shame. I just wonder if it's because this will be is 3rd marriage and they just don't care as they've been there done that, who knows!

    We're not having a reception in the UK as we live in Spain so if they're not coming to the wedding then they don't get to party with us on our special day!

    We're off to Barbados for a week followed by a week cruising the Caribbean islands, can't wait, what have you got planned?

    51 days to go yippee x

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