Beauty Services in Key West Florida

Hi there everyone.

We are getting married in Key West on OCotber 5th and one of my friends cannot come. She was going to do my hair. Now i'm stuck.

Does anyone have any good contacts??

thanks Jill


  • gtlrgtlr Posts: 87
    Hi Jill,

    We're also getting married in the keys in April, and i had resigned myself to the fact of doing my own hair & make up, cos of not being able to trial properly and my fear of being done up too much!!!!

    Have you tried any U.S websites for recommendations? If i could find someone i may decide to get it done as i still have no clue how to have my hair!

    Where are you getting married? We're getting married in a rental house on the beach in Islamorada but spending 4 nights in Key west before the wedding. We initially wanted to get married in KW but chose Islamorada cos it was closer for family to travel to from Miami.

  • Hiya Laura

    I was planning to do it with Virgin at Hawks Cay until i realised that you dont get much for the english pound!! Then i started investigating organising it myself and so far its going ok.

    We are flying into Miami then staying 3 nights at Hawks Cay, 3 nights in Key West and one in Key largo before driving to Sarasota, St Petes and Orlando then flying back from Orlando. Its a bit manic. We are spending the first week with family then all travelling up north in similar areas, but different hotels. We had the same issue, with my H2b's parents. They have never been abroad, never flown and he suffers from minor health issues, causing me a headache.

    They are very excited as it's a holiday of a lifetime so making a few days in Hawks cay so that its not too far from the airport. Everyone is happy now and we cant wait.

    Trouble is hair and make-up I cant seem to find any links on the web. Was hoping someone would. I will keep looking. Will let you know if I find any good ones.


  • Hi Jill, Can't help with hair and makeup I'm afraid but couldn't not post on your thread. I got married in Key West (first marraige) 13 years ago!! And it really was wonderful. At the end of the pier at sunset. My eldest boys middle name is Mallory!! There was no planning as it was spur of the moment. My ex proposed and we were married 2 hours later! It couldn't have been more perfect.

    I have also stayed ay Hawks Cay some years later to swim with the dolphins. Its my favourite part of the world and Key West has an armosphere like nowhere else!!

    You will have the most perfect day and as soon as your in-laws touch down in the Keys they will relax. I'm sure of it!!

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