Does anyone know a good wedding planner in Italy?


Im looking to get married in Sorrento or Ravello in Italy in May 2009 image and i wondered if anyone knew of a good wedding planner their/here that can help me with the arrangements?

Ive emailed a couple and got quotes but the venue costs they are supplying me with dont match up with the quotes ive had off of the reception venue directly per head, in fact, they are quoting me 60 Euro extra per head that if i go directly to the reception venue.

This is on top of the payment for their co-ordinator services, im not sure they they are trust worthy enough and wondered if anyone had had any dealings with a really good company.

I dont mind paying a little more if they are going to give me a good service and not rip me off!




  • Hiya,

    We are getting married in June (21st) in Sorrento this year! We have gone with a wedding planner because we have been to Sorrento lots of times & know it well & therefore we felt no need to go back out before our wedding....a wedding planner is heaps cheaper than flights & hotels!!

    We are using Alessandra at the book of dreams. She is based on tha Amalfi coast & knows the area very well.

    She is wonderful help & once you look into it, getting married in Italy isn't an easy task with all the paperwork etc ,so its best to have someone who knows the craic!!

    I have paid her our deposit & she has given us a list of other extras we can have! You tell her what you want & your budger...& she sorts it!!

    She is highly recommended.

    Good Luck x
  • Thanks so much for your suggestion, ive emailed her to see if she can help me. Ive not been to Italy yet, im due to go in May, im so looking forward to it...
  • smackensmacken Posts: 42
    Hi there

    We are getting married on June 22nd in Sorrento. We are also using Alessandra at the Book of Dreams.

    Lucy Spoon - At what stage did you pay your deposit? She has done alot for us already & hasnt asked us for a deposit yet!!
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