Rome brides please help me I am cracking up!!!!!

Ok posted a thread about an affidavit that i only found out today that i might need then i read through a few other posts to try and fgure this out however i came across a post that said a certificate of no impediment issued by your locl register office is basically the same thing i think? anyway on this post it also said that the certificate of no impediment issued was only valid if used within 6 months owever i got mine ages ago oct i think and yhe wedding is not until june so if this is true it will be out of date!!!

why did the register office not tell me this and they know when i am getting married and it doesnt give an expiry date on the certificates I really thought i was on top of all the paperwork but now i am soo confused and scared that i will have missed something important and we will not be able to get marriedimage


  • Hi Missey,

    You will need 3 documents for the actual wedding: an international birth certificate, a Nulla Osta (Certificate of no Impediment)issued by the British Consulate in the region you are getting married in, ie Rome and your passport. Follow the guidelines on the website of the British Consulate in Rome and you should be good:

    Unfortunately the 6 month rule applies everywhere.

    Good luck with it. We are still working on our documents as H2B is British, but I am German... Try and sort that out. image
  • Hi Missey,

    I have just had my wedding date confirmed today in Sorrento and have been told that in Italy the Non impediment is only valid for 3 months so not to apply until end of April takes 15 days to get it and have to send it off by last week of May.

    I would double check but I am sure you will be able to apply and get anther one in time.

    Good luck x
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