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Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on getting married at Niagara Falls (the Canadian side of the border). It's something my fiance and I are thinking about and really we don't know where to start. I've been surfing the net but there seems to be so much information, it's a little confusing! Any help to point me in the right direction would be much appeciated. Thanks. Di


  • I'm living in Toronto at the moment and have been to Niagara Falls many times. The actual falls are beautiful and you can go beneath them (well close by, else you'd sink) in a boat. However the rest of the town is pretty small and VERY cheesy, tourist trap place. Think huge Frankenstein heads on top of Burger King on the main street, plus loads of Haunted Houses. I was disappointed. There is a big casino there, if that is your thing? Did you mean near the actual falls for your wedding, or outside of the town? There are vineyards in the surrounding area which might be more suitable.
  • Hiya,

    My parents live just a couple of hours from Niagara, in the finger lakes region and there are some lovely lakes and mansions where you can marry. It is a lovely area. We did consider it but have opted for Las Vegas!

    How about in the national park which is very pretty and just borders the falls? We stayed in the Sheraton which was lovely.


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    Hi I notice that it has been a couple of months now since you created this post, but Im just wondering if you have decided about getting married at Niagara Falls??

    My H2B and I are in the middle of arranging our wedding there just now. I also went through a lot of different websites before I booked anything but the one we are using are called Occasions in Niagara, So far they have been very helpfull and always quick to answer my questions via email. We are getting married at the Oakes Garden Theatre, which looks lovely, just hope it is, when we get there!!!!!! :\)
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