Taking wedding dress as hand luggage with Thomson


Has anyone flown with Thomson recently to their wedding abroad?

I want to take my wedding dress on in imagea box as hand luggage but just wondered if anyone had done this already recently and if there were any problems?


  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    you shouldn't have a problem, just make sure the box size fits in with the security restricted size for the airport ie stansted are more restrictive on hand luggage size than Gatwick or Heathrow.

    Where are you going from and 2?
  • Going from gatwick to Madeira. Just so worried about taking dress as hold luggage!

    This is the box.


  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    That box should be fine!! You should be on a 757 on that route so should be able to put in the hatrack no problems!!! The only thing to watch is just where you are seated ie if you are sat in the rear cabin, handluggage space is limited due to lots of emergency equipment there. If you have booked a meal you should be sat to the front of the aircraft and then this is not an issue. Also if you book meals, do not be fooled into paying for seats together as 99.9% of the time, meal passsengers are pre seated by head office anyway (not at checkin) so you will be sat together !!

    (can you tell I used to work for them!)
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    hi can anyone tell me if they have recently flown to cyprus from manchester, with their dress has hand luggage? i am flying with thomas cook, and dont want to put the dress in hold.

  • hi ladies , sorry to butt in but I have just ordered my box after reading this ,,thanks for the info and link, its just what ive been looking for , only 45 days to go till we go to the Dominican Republic to get married im soooo excited

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    @ furball

    i'm sure i read somewhere that thomson hand luggage restrictions are tighter than some airlines, best to give them a ring for dimensions etc etc someone on here recommended The Empty Box Company, check out their website image xx
  • jayneyboo, where you getting married in Dominican?

    I have been lloking for a way to transport my dress so this thread is fab. I was told that it is so humid there that if you hang it up in your room when you arrive, any creases should just drop out.

  • hi girls, can beleive this thread - i fly out in 10 days to the dominican with Thomsons airlines, and I have one of these boxes which I am panicking is not going to be allowed on as hand lugggage, I'm sure I read somwhere that you are allowed an extra piece of luggage for your wedding attire only, but I really really dont want it to goin the hold, i know somthing will happen to it!

    if nyone gets anymore info. can you please post it here to help us all....

  • Hi clementine, we are getting married at the Iberostar Costa Dorada on 12th March, Im also hoping that the humidity will help , after all the dress will be hanging for a week once we get there, the lady at the dress shop is going to pack my dress for me , where are you getting married ? Love Jayne XX
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    Hi leech2b...

    most of the problem with hand luggage size is just getting it thorough security itself.. which is where you have to look up what the airport allows you to take..

    As far as flying Thomson, you will be on a 767, the box may not fit in the lockers on the ab/gh rows but should fit in the centre overhead lockers. Make sure you are early for the boarding to make sure you get the choice of lockers!

  • thanks Jetbabe,

    Our seats are already prebooked, not sure where we are siting though so I'll have to check, don't suppose it will matter as I'm sure someone will be prepred to help a bride-to-be in distress by offering me some of thier locker space?????

    I'll just have to play it by ear and hope that it goes through with me and not in the hold, No point in worring about somethng i've got no control over at the moment as I've still got so much more to do ....

    thanks for the advice.

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    I'm first choice airlines flying from eastmidlands to cyprus, and was planning on getting a box 45x35x20cm. Hopefully this will be ok.

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