evening reception and dj

Hi girls,

im having an evening wedding and we probably wont begin the the reception at our hotel until about 8.30 as we have opted to have a champagne cruise.

Im just debating whether or not it is worth hiring a dj for the reception, the hotel are letting us use their music system free of charge so we could bring our own music, im just wondering is this would be enough?

what are you all doing?

love maria xxx


  • Hi Maria,

    I personally tink a Dj makes the difference as he mixes the tunes other than playing them and that continuity keeps the atmosphere buzzy all the way! Also: who would put your own music for you? If you have a young relative who enjoys doing it it is one thing, if not somebody would have to do it but that would mean taht somebody wouldn t enjoy him/her self! I had live jazz during teh meal and a dj for teh after dinner party. where are u getting married and what kind of music are you thinking to have? Good Luck! x Elisa
  • I am having a live band, they play for 3 hours and then do a disco for the rest of the night.

    I think a DJ would be best, you then don't have to worry about organising anything yourselves.
  • MrsColl2BMrsColl2B Posts: 137
    Hi there

    Not sure what we're doing yet on the music/dj front. We're planning our wedding at about 7.45pm and will have an hour or so of entertainment anyway with some traditional greek dancers.

    I've been told by the wedding planner that they can't just stick on a CD on the sound system at the venue (a restaurant) and that we would need to hire a DJ instead as they need someone to man the sound system. If we were to have a DJ, it would be only for a few hours (about 3) and would cost a very minimum of 700 Euros (this is the v cheapest option given).

    Now not sure what to do as i don't want to the party to die later on!
  • Hi,

    Im still undecided!!

    Im getting married in Lindos at 7pm!!

    I have a wedding planner and at our meeting she told us the dj for the hotel wasnt very good and was very cheesey and for 3-4 hrs it is 250/350 euros!

    Where are you having your reception MrsColl2b?

    I dont want the reception to be dead either, but i might enquire and ask if they play data cds which would mean i could put alot of songs on discs, and plan them perhaps?

    Im still debating it with h2b lol

    maria xx
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