Hello everybody, back from Honeymoon and Happy to Help

with any queries you may have if you are getting married in Italy!

We live in London since 1992, but we are both Italians and got married in Castel Gandolfo (Rome).

Thailand was fantastic, we were away for 25 days!

Happy to be back!!

I would love to hear about your preparations, excitments, worries ,see pictures of your wedding dresses etc...

I am in close contact with the Italian Tourist Board in Lndon as I work for a trade travel publication and they work with us regularly, so if there is anything I don't know I can ask them for you!

Ciao e Baci a tutte!




  • Eliisa,

    Great to hear that your honeymoon was fantastic.

    We went over to Italy in November and really liked everything we saw (apart from the driving...he..he!).

    Booked our wedding in Villa degli angeli for the 29th September this year, will go by so fast I'm sure. We really like St. Tomasina church in CG but unfortunately it was booked up for the day we wanted as were many of the other churches in the region...Rocca di Papa, Albano etc.

    Getting married now in Church of San Barnaba's in Marino. Have seen pictures but we didn't visit that one when we were over. It looks massive though!!!

    Do you know this church???

    Vee xxx
  • Hi Vee!

    How many guests will you have at your wedding?

    Have you checked teh S.Tommaso da Villanova Church, the one in the main square in CG? I know Father Waldermar teh bishop at the Church even though he isn't the one who married us. I can find out availability if u like! He also speaks english!!!

    The Barnaba's Church is quite big, baroque style, but beautiful, it also has a little temple inside, original from another church.

    Who is marrying you? HAve you met the priest and have you taken care of all the paper work?

    Also: tell me more about Villa degli angeli, and how about your dress? All sorted? are you haveing any favours for your guests?

    Let me know if you want me to find out about church in c gandolfo!

  • Elisa,

    we initially wanted the Church in Castel Gandolfo as we really loved it when we saw it, but its booked out for sept 29th. It seems that Saturdays in September are really popular for Italian Weddings. I was really disappointed but sent the co-ordinator off to find another one. We wanted a church in the main square of the town, near to a cafe or a bar so we could go for a drink before heading back to the hotel. Glad to hear that the church we now have is beautiful, although big! I have 50 guests so I hope some of the locals will pop in for a look to make the church look less empty. We have not met the priest yet, but it will be an engish speaking priest from San Silvestro in Rome.

    I have ordered my dress. What do you think?


    I am also having a long mantilla style veil which my mum is making for me. Something like this one, although I will not be having it over my face. image


    So excited. really liked the hotel and we had a great time there when we were over, the food and reception we got really impressed us. We didn't get a chance to go to the restaurant you had recommended but will will get to try it out when we go over in September.

    Vee xxx

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  • Vee,

    the dress is absolutely stunning!

    So elegant and I love the details!

    As for teh veil, v nice as well....I had one similar! I wanted to war it over my face, only until my fathere gave me away to Toni, tradition says that when fathere gives daughter away he takes up the veil and then the groom kisses the bride.

    But I changed my mind teh last minute, just before entering the church as it was sticking on my face image

    italians love weddings...you will see.....outside the church there will be full of people saying EVVIVA LA SPOSA!!!

    Have you decided on flowers and bouqet? Hair??
  • Think I will leave my hair down with soft curls, or in a loose upstyle. I'm not wearing a tiara, but perhaps a decorative conb like this one


    i am going to have cream and gold-coloured roses with plenty of folliage (I think) as my bridesmaids are wearing Gold.

    Is there a good beautician near Castel Gandolfo where I can get some tan done and maybe my nails too. The hair/make-up people are coming to the hotel on the morning of the wedding but I would like to have all these other things done on the thurs or Fri.

    Have you any photos of your own day that I could look at for inspiration????

    vee xxx
  • vee, all my pictures are on cd s and photo albums. I haven t downloded any yet as I ahve been away to Italy and then Thailand. Came back on the 23rd.

    My wedding was fantastic from the location, to quire in the church, (15 musicians and 3 singers), to everything else....but unfortunately I am not happy at all with the pictures. I advise you really look in to that more than anything else as I had seen my photographer's portfolio and his pictures looked good, but mine didn t come out as good as I would have liked. He didn't capture any moment and emotion, he just took pictures!

    I will download some and send them to you. CAn I have your e mail address? I had my tan, nails, make up done in COlleferro, that's where my husband is from. But it s not too close to CG. (40 minutes, so not too convenient for u), as for my hair it was done by my friend hairdresser that came from Henley on Thames. It was down with soft curls, but after dinner we disappeared and he pulled it up as in the little picture shown next to my name here.

    I wait for your e mail to send pics.

  • Sorry to hear that you were not pleased with your photos, maybe some of your guests will have other photos which you have not seen yet. Also a bit worried about the photo aspect of things as the wedding company we are using have their own regular photographer that they use and we are going with him.

    My sister has an amazing camera though and has spent years taking photos so she has assured me that we will have plenty of pictures capturing our special day.

    My e-mail is [email protected]
  • Elisa,

    thanks so much for sending me some of your photos. I thought your photos looked very well, but if they differ from what you had envisaged I can understand why you are disappointed. You look truely amazing, your dress is very unusual, did you buy it in Italy?

    The pictures on the church make me miss not having it more but I hope my setting can be half as fantastic looking in my photos. What are you allowed with regards to confetti, I see you used rose petals which looked great in the photos.

    Do you think my dress covers my shoulders enough as i know this is important for church weddings in Italy?

    Sorry for all the questions, image

    Forgot to mention the cake...very Italian. I am having one similar, they are so different to the ones over here aren't they....

    Vee xxx

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  • hi Vee,

    just saw your answer, I replied on your e mail add, but I 'll quickly go over reply, just in case u haven't received it.

    your dress: so delicate and beautiful, you have nothing to worry about, your shoulders are covered so no need for anything else, it would spoil the look.

    confetti: bought 3 boxes of white petals from confetti store and brought them to Italy, my friend mixed tehm with white rice and some big heart shaped confetti she made from rice paper.

    Church decor: I chose it, so I chose teh candle and flower composition you saw in teh pictures I sent. Make sure to tell them your preferences (flowers, colours, candles or not etc..)

    Cake: The ones her are more beautiful to look at, but I am afraid o say aren't very tasty, In Italy they are yummy!!!

    my dress: bought in Italy

    Stay in touch....and tr yto relax as you have done teh most difficult part already; find the perfect dress, perfect location and perfect restaurant. You have found all 3, teh rest are details and for those u have plenty of time!


  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Hello Elisa,

    i'm Emma and we are getting married in the San Silvestro in Rome in June I can't wait i'm soo excited but I think I have got mixed up in my paperwork recently and have to phone the British Embassy in Rome next week to find out.

    I would love you to have a look at my dress please


    My dress maker is making a small wrap to cover my shoulders and I'm not wearing a veil. We are having our reception for approx 26 people in the Napoeon hotel in Rome where we are staying I have been in contact with the lady there to organise it and she is wonderful and gets me soo excited when I e-mail her.

    Unfortunately we haven't been able to afford to travel to Rome to see anywhere so it will all be new for us when we arrive 4 days before the wedding.

    If you would'nt mind I would love to see your wedding photographs?:\)
  • Missey,

    I still love your dress, did you see mine and what do you think?

    Where are you going on honeymoon after the wedding?

    Elisa has got me so excited because we are I am getting married in the same region as she did, although not in the same church which is a pity as it is so beautiful,

    Vee xxx
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    hiya Vee,

    I saw your dress I looked at it so many times before in magazines it is beautiful and glad your not needing anything else to cover your shoulders unfortuntely I still have too but it will ruin my dress but its only for the ceremony so I can bear it!!

    Thanks for our reply about my dress that night I posted that I thought my heart would break I thought for sure I have had this dress too long and I am going to go off it if I see another gorgeous bride!!!

    We are not having a honeymoon because we are saving to go travelling hopefully at the end of this year we want to go to Australia for a year so we cut the second week out in favour of a year long honeymoon and beyond!!!!!!

    Emma xxxx
  • Wow,

    Australia is great, I was there for a year before getting engaged. I was still with H2B but at the time he was a BF. It was a very trying time for both of us but I loved every minute of it.

    We were going to go there as a honeymoon also as my Sis lives over there and was marrying her Ozzie H2B in April 08 but they have moved there date forward to this year so she will be a mrs be fore me. We can't afford to go to their wedding before our own which makes me really sad image

    Now we are staying in the hotel for a couple of night after we get married, then we have booked somewhere up in the mountains as a secluded retreat image for a few more night and we are looking to top that off with a week in serronto or sicily maybe.

    Getting married in Italy gives you plenty of reasons to return for anniversary, birthday etc.

    Where are you from?

    Vee xxx

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  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    I'm from Newry in N.Ireland Vee,

    Originally we were doing a week in Rome for the wedding then a week in Sorrento for our honeymoon but Australia is somethin I have wanted to do for years and I can't wait to go and its all my mum bangs on about GO TRAVELLING your soo young you will have a ball if your wise you will GO TRAVELLING etc etc.

    Think she may be trying to tell me something and little brother is off to America to play football so ha has got the speech too so hoping to stop in America on the way out or home depending on when he goes.

    did you think of Sorrento or Sicily for a reason are they near where you are getting married?

    I heard people saying that Sorrento is beautiful but very built up and quite expensive about 100 euro for a meal for 2?

    Emma xxxx
  • Way hay Missey,

    I only live up the road in Belfast. I'm originally from the south but have been up her for over 7 years. Went to QUB and stayed.

    Yes I heard that Sorrento was really expensive as well but we are just going through ideas at the moment. We were going to come home straight away after getting married but I am glad we are staying a week or so away. I couldn't face going back to work too soon after getting married.

    Where did you get your dress? Its so gorgeous and right up my street...

    Are many of your family and friends coming out for the wedding?

    Vee xxx
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Only bout 45 mins away from me then Vee when will you be in Rome?

    I bought my dress in a shop in Newry but the girl was awful and really a bit mean when we postponed the wedding last year so I would'nt recommend anyone to go there and she said the dress did'nt need any alterations and I have just had it altered to fit it was too long and too big in the hips!! and she gave me a veil that I can't even wear cos its totally the wrong colour!!! so its useless now but the dress is Mathyro if you go to his website there are even more fabulous dresses than mine have you not got your dress yet she told me it would take 8 months but i think it came in about 7 weeks?

    we are flying out to Rome on the 16th and the wedding is on wednesday the 20th and we come home that sat 23rd there is about 26 people coming with us all close family and friends just what I wanted.

    Emma xxxx
  • Emma,

    Sorry to hear about your bad bridal shop experience. I have to say that Eden Bridal in Belfast was great. It was the third shop I went to and I just knew it was the dress I wanted as soon as I put it on. Mind you I had seen pictures of the dress before I tried it on and this was the deciding factor for going to that shop in the first instance.

    My Mum is going to make my veil. We are going to Galway in the next couple of weeks to get material for that and for the MOTB outfit.

    We are getting married on the 29th of Sept but are going out on the 26th. We have been out in November so we had a look around but we haven't seen the church yet and apart from photos on the web, won't before we go out. We have 40 guests at the moment and I am fighting to keep it this size but H2B keeps mentionig workmates. They can come to the hen/stag parties if they want but not to the big day.

    What are you thinking for hen party ideas?

    Vee xxx
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Just something small for my hen party and i'm having it quite early in march the 10th I did'nt want the people who are coming to Rome to be out money for an expensive night out so we are just going for dinner and then out clubbing the stags are going to the dog racing in Dundalk and then probably to the lap dancing club up there but i'm tryng not to think about that and that is why they are being held in the same night!!!

    I know what you mean about the amount of people coming mine just keeps growing and I want to shout NO YOU CANT COME OK!! but obviously I cant and the meal in the hotel is 42 euro a head and the bill is spiralling with the more people who are coming!!

    are you having a party when you come back home??

    Emma xxxx
  • Not sure about a party yet or not. We will more than likely have something small but not to the extent that I can wear my dress again...so in my view its not worth having!!!

    Our meal is 70euro a head and i'm looking resentfully at every guest thats coming along. But I am very happy with the people that are coming as it is close friends and family...I come from a big extended one so no cousins allowed!

    You can find the church and hotel I'm having on this link


    Tell me what you think?

    As for the hen party, the girlies will probably stay in Belfast...but the boys are heading for Amsterdam, god only knows what they will be up to mind....

    Have you got your shoes and assessories yet?
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vee your church looks gorgeous I love the steps outside can just imagine all the photos and that hotel is stunning reaaly really breathtaking I thought my meal was steep but you are robably having more than me we are just having the standard 4 courses but I have heard of italians meals that o on for hours with 10 courses but I always hear about these things after i have booked everything!

    we are havin


    Ham and Melon

    Main Course

    Rolled breast of chicken with ham and blueberries

    buttered potatoes

    leaf soinach


    Chocolate mousse

    Tea and coffee

    Yeah I got my shoes and tiara in the shop I got my dress the shoes are Benjamin adams I think the are called seymour? they are pointy toe slingbacks with diamante detail and my tiara is lovely I am not wearing a necklace as the top of the dress is very detailed and the sleeves dont allow for a bracelet?

    Amsterdam is brilliant we were there nov 2005 it is fab we are going back before we go to oz.

    Emma xxxx

  • Good Morning Girls!

    How are you?

    I just woke up, (i never wake up so late), but I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about babies!

    We both really want one already, but I am not patient...I don't want to wait, would like it to come straight awayimage

    Hi Missey, I saw your dress, I like it!! It's very modern, I love the top! Are u sure you need something made for the shoulders? The shoulders can't be bear, but in your case they are covered by the chffon's sleeves!

    About the paperwork: what kind of mess up??

    I had some problems with the paperwork too, but I had to call the diocesis where the paperwork was sent to, it was sent by mistake to a differnt diocesis so they had to resend the paperwork for me, and only 1 month before the wedding, I thought the wedding would never take place!:\(

    but everything went fine in the end.


    You have plenty of time to sort it out, but do it as soon as possible anyway!

    What's your e mail address so I'll send a picture or two?
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Hello Elisa

    hope you had a nice day today I am not long back from work and I called at my sisters it was my eldest nieces birthdy today she is 9 I can't believe whre the time has gone!!

    The picture of my dress is a bit deceiving the sleeves don't actually come up over my shoulders if this makes sense they only come straight across from the top of the dress and down my arms from there? hope that makes sense!!

    so the dress maker said she would make a small wrap close to the colour of the sleeves they are light green and it would look part of the dress?

    The paperwork! well when I booked the wedding with the priests in Rome I took the letter they gave me to my local parish to see when they would need to see us to sort out our documents such as:

    Pre nuptial inquiry form

    Baptismal cert

    Confirmation cert

    letters of freedom

    and this was back in august and when I was there the lady told me to go straight to the town hall to register my intent to marry which in turn resulted to us getting our certificates of no impediment from or local register to say we were not married before but now I find out that this document that I was issued on the 7th sept can be issued no earlier than 6 months for the British embassey in Rome so I have to phone them on monday and double check that it definately cannot be used and then probably have to pay another £30 for the same certificates to be issued again to do for our june wedding and I was about to mail the documents away because it does'nt say anywhere on the embassy website that they have to be no earlier than 6 months.

    sorry about that rant!!

    finally my e-mail address is [email protected]

    I'm so glad you got married in Rome please prepare yourself for all my questions and may i apologise in advance!!

    Emma xxxx
  • Emma,

    I'm not long home from work either and I have another 11hour shift tomorrow...but I need to pay off my christmas expenses before I can even think about saving anymore for the wedding.

    I hope ypu got to see Elisa's photos as they are stunning. I LOVE the church she got married in but it was not available for the date we had picked and it was either change the date to suit the church or change the church to suit the date. We are very happy with the church we are having now...even if it is massive!!!!

    I have nothing organised in the way of paperwork but the wedding co-ordinator will tell us when it needs done...I hope anyway!

    Have you booked to go on your pre-marital course yet? If so, how much does it cost. Its all these added expenses that is destroying the miserable budget me have (courtasy to the bank manager in the first place I may add!!!).

    Not only will I be pickling Elisa's brain but I will be doing the same to you....

    Vee xxx

  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Hello Vee,

    About the pre marital course we have applied I got the application form from the parish and they said I had to fill it in and then 'they would send for me' how daunting!!

    But I received a letter in the post this morning inviting Garry and I to a special mass on the 18 february for 'engaged couples' and light rereshments afterwards how nice!!!!

    We are not sure how much it costs but Garrys brother is the only person we know who has been married recently and they said about £50 or more but I was always going to do it cos i knoe they take it so seriously in Rome and the priest who is marrying us has actually asked for the certificate in the past?

    I have tomorrow off and H2B and I have just watched click and now he is snoring his head off in my ear!!!!

    There is nothing more soul chilling in the world than snoring I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Emma xxxx

  • Hello girls!

    About the paper work: I needed a letetr froma next of kin that declared I haven t been married before(one for me one for my husband).

    Pre nuptial inquiry form

    my birth certificate

    Baptismal cert

    Confirmation cert

    (I got all that from Italy)

    hen I brought everything to my priest who then sent it off to the diocesis of westminster who then sent it off to the diocesis of Rome.

    Your local priest will be able to tell you everything(mine was very helpful) without having to call Rome etc....

    About our pre marital course; we didn't pay anything and e saw ou priest together 3 times and on our own 2 times each only.

    Not sure about the 6 months, I am sorry, but your local Priest should know.

    on my way out, willspeak to you tomorrow!

    Have a lovely day!


  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Thanks Elisa,

    hope your day was good we went up to my sisters for dinner not long home I am stuffed!!

    I have put so much weight on since christmas hope my dress still fits!! well I have a few months to get into shape.

    The priests in Rome said in their letter that they strongly advise us to enter into the marriage course in the parish we are kiving and I am the kind of person who stresses over these things and because they give you a certificate to say you have completed the course I just knew if I did'nt do it and they asked for the cert in Rome I would panic and think they would not marry us! ridiculous im sure but I take no chances!

    talk to you soon

    Emma xxxx
  • Hi Emma,

    Wrecked after work and have a full week of Uni ahead of me...the joys!

    My friend got married in the past couple of months and she booked her pre-marriage course with accord. Here's the website, it gives you a list of the upcoming courses. I think we will just pick one that suits us. I have not met with my priest at home yet because I thought he would be too busy over christmas to meet up. Must do that soon I guess.


    I have been so bad with my diet over Christmas. I had only 1/2 stone to lose before the festive season but its now more like a full stone! I just can't say no to Mr. Cadbury's....

    take care and talk soon,

    Vee xxx
  • MisseyukMisseyuk Posts: 222
    Het Vee and Elisa

    hop you are both doing grand!

    H2B has just come back up from getting his pre nuptial inquiry I am soo excited we cant stop smiling at each other after having to pospone twice before we have never been this far along with the arrangements and its all soo exciting!!

    Vee I got a letter in the post inviting H2B and I to a mass of commitment for engaged couples arranged by accord in Newry and I had to phone to say whether we were attending and I did it earlier and asked the lady if she had received our application form to go to the course and she has but she had us in for the wrong date!!

    however she changed it and said she hadnt got us on our coarse yet but she will let us know so all in all the church documents are on their way to the Bishop to be forwarded to Rome and I am going to pjone the British Embassy to check if our certs of no impediment are definately out of date (still clinging to that hope that they are not)

    Vee I may have asked this before but did you have to get an affidavit?

    Emma xxxx

  • Emma,

    I seriously know nothing about the paperwork, Chiara the wedding co-ordinator said we have plenty of time to get it all sorted out.

    We haven't even seen our own priest, bit complicated cause H2B is from Co. Down, I'm from Co. Mayo but we live in Belfast....which priest do we go to?

    I guess its my own priest at home. Going home tomorrow for a couple of days so won't be able to check in. Hope to meet up with the local priest and see what he knows about the paperwork,

    lol, I was reading your post about trying to get out of your wedding dress...I hadn't even thought of that although my dress has a zip as I have a button phobia (how odd am I?)

    talk to you next week,

    Vee xxx
  • Hi everyone!!! :\) we're getting married in 2008....can't decide on month yet but either may, june, july or august...haha! would be great to hear from anyone to share ideas and talk about how you decided on where in italy to get married. i am soooooo indecisive and love the look of so many places (we've only been to florence).

    there are downsides on having it in italy but then the same goes for having it here...i just want it to be a perfect day and not to regret whatever decision i make! suppose i should do a pros and cons list to help me decide!

    is anyone having a protestant ceremony in church? i haven't seen too much about this on websites as i know Italy is predominantly catholic so wondering if protestant church weddings are a problem or difficult to arrange? i would consider a civil wedding if needed but does anyone know how long the ceremony is compared to a church wedding? i've read it's only about 20 mins and that puts me off slightly as i want a real focus on the actual ceremony. that's just one of my worries...of course there are lots of pros about having the wedding in italy too. :\) i'm just a worry wart and unfortunately tend to focus on the negative rather than positive!!!

    elisa75it - your wedding and honeymoon sound like they were beautiful! congrats and hope you are enjoying married life! would love to hear from you too if you wouldn't mind chatting about your wedding and sharing some tips! it would be great to speak to someone who has already been through it all! you mentioned henley-on-thames, i live about 20 minutes from there!!!

    hope to hear from some of you soon! X

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