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Skiathos brides!!

Anyone else getting married in Skiathos next year..? ;\)

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  • Hi, yes I am getting married in skiathos in June 2009. When are you gettting married? Are you getting married at the Bourtzi or one of the hotels? Good to know that there is someone else getting married in skiathos everyone else seems to be getting married in Cyprus, Santorini or Rhodes.

  • Hello

    I'm getting married on 8 June 2009 in Skiathos, it is wonderful to hear from other Skiathos brides 2 b!! image

    We are getting married in the Bourtzi.

  • Hello

    We are getting married at the Skiathos Princess. Arrive in Skiathos on 10th June so you will be already married Lady N. Jsjbride when do you get married?
  • Hi,

    Hopefully we will have a beachwedding sometime in June! We will have the "legal" wedding here in Sweden (where I????m from) and then a ceremony (blessing) in Skiathos. A relative that is a minister will come with us.

    Wonderful to here from other Skiathos brides! I couldn????t get in touch with any Skiathos brides here in Sweden, because if they marry abroad they usually travel to Italy or Thailand. So I thought I try here! With good luck!

    Have any of you brides got in touch with any photographers? The only one I could find was Simeon Hatzianastassiadis. He seems ok though.

    Lady N: where will u have your weddingparty..?
  • Hello again,

    I haven't looked into photographers yet. I was waiting for the wedding planner to advise me of this nearer the time.

    Looks like we are all June brides how exciting !!

  • I'm the same, I was waiting on Anastasia to help me out with a photographer when we get there! Same for the reception, she thinks we should wait until we get there but I'm struggling with the idea of having to wait until then to do these things, lol!! I just want to be organised!!

  • Lady N: Who????s Anastasia..? I know what you mean with wanting to be organised..;-)..!

    Jord2b: what day will you get married..?
  • Hello

    I get married on 22nd June at 6pm. So just an evening wedding. Lady N I would wait as there is so much choice. How many people are you taking over with you? Have you been to Skiathos before?

    I didn't meet Anastasia when I was over in Skiathos this summer but I heard that she was the only one on the island so basically she will have all the contacts. JSJbride you can get in touch with Anastasia through her website

  • Thanks jord2b! I might get in touch with her after x-mas then.
  • Hi Skiathosbrides,

    How????s your weddingplans getting on..?

    We send our our invitations in the beginning of Dec..! Finally!

  • Not much to do at the moment just letting the date get nearer (6 months yesterday). I believe my dress should be ready to pick up in February and then I need to organise shoes and H2B's outfit. Both mother of the bride and groom are sorted and we just need to sort out the legal procedures but we cannot do that until three months before the date so I imagine that is when I will become a bridezilla but otherwise pretty chilled out going to go ring shopping in the new year and invitations were sent out in the summer so that we could give everyone as much notice as possible. Have a good christmas and new year.
  • Hi ladies

    I haven't been on here in a while, my head's a mess with Christmas shopping, lol! And now I've just scared myself by seeing on the counter that it's only 167 days to our wedding! Arrrggh!!!

    I haven't really done much to be honest. I THINK I've picked my dress but I'm going to go back and try it on again in Jan just to be sure! Apart from that, not much else has been done!

    So I think I'm very behind probably!!

    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!! x
  • Hi brides 2b,

    Now its 2009 and the year we all will become wifes!

    I picked up my dress yesterday and my weddingring is ready aswell! Im getting there!!


  • I ordered my dress in the summer but it won't be ready until Feb/March. We are going ring shopping in the next couple of weeks but have had a look around already and have an idea of what we want. I think the most difficult part of the planning will be to get H2B to decide what he wants to wear as he doesn't want a suit.

    Happy New Year to you both. Lady N everyone says that you know the dress is the "one" when you try it on - but with me every dress I tried on I wanted so I just went with my original idea of what I wanted. If I can find a picture I will put it on here if I can figure out how.

    Good luck with all the planning not long to go now - it will go fast. next thing to plan is the hen night !

    Lisa xx

  • Lauren Whitworth is a New York based makeup artist but spends the summer in Skiathos....Amazing makeup! [email protected]

  • Tamara13Tamara13 Posts: 4

    I've booked Lauren for my wedding next year!! She seems to be the best and I keep pestering her with emails and questions and she is so helpful. She is also English speaking so that always helps (

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