Caribbean Wedding - HELP!!!

Hi all!

I got engaged on Christmas day last year and my fiance and i want to get hitched in the Caribbean next year around March/April (not fully decided yet!). One problem, we dont know what island to go to and what resorts are the best!! We definitley want to go All Inclusive, and preferably not have children running around us all day. We want somewhere romantic and relaxing, with great restaurants and bars. I need advice as every time i find a good resort in a brochure, i look it up on the internet and read awful reviews.

Please help me!!!




  • Hi Abby,

    I'd recommend Antigua. This is a beautiful island and my favourite by far! Depending on your budget i'd recommend Coco Bay hotel. Its a 3.5* AI. Don't be put off that its not a 5* i can only imagine that its because it is a small hotel in a quiet area and doesnt have facilities like tennis courts, 25 swimming pools and kids clubs. Perfect for us honeymooners though!! They have a beautiful infinity edge pool too! If you look on it will give you reviews on any hotel in the world. If you can stretch to a bit more then i'd say, Galley Bay or even more Jumby Bay. When you look on trip advisor you'll see why! They are beautiful! If you want to avoid the kiddie places then i''d consider avoiding Dominican Republic. Barbados is very lively and has lots of night clubs and stuff and although beautiful its the kind of place i'd go to with my friends, not really my honeymoon. I hope this helps you Abby, keep us posted and if you need anymore info, i'm here! x x x
  • Oh and Abby, a lot of hotels include free wedding packages. Be sure to ask how many weddings they hold a day though, as some of the resorts hold up to 9! x
  • Hiya,

    I booked my wedding to Jamaica through Virgin - can't fault them - the wedding is free just got to pay for flights and accommodation etc.

    Virgin do 5 a day over 3-4 locations so they advised me it wouldn't feel like a conveyor belt situation. I was unsettled by this but now am more used to the idea.

    We bagged the last wedding of the day 4.30 so as the sun is setting we should get some great pictures and have more time.

    I would recommend trying to get last one of the day and then it won't feel sooooooooooo rushed.

    I will let you know as we do it in 64days time........


  • Oh Abby by the way Sandals Jamaica stipulates NO KIDS!!!!!! its couples only.

    a bonus.

    I would hurry up if you are looking for this year - I've had mine booked since Jan 06 on advice of travel agent - you can then pick and chose days and times etc.

    You may struggle with specifics as time is getting on.

    Also think about seasons -In Antigua doesn't the weather go off after May?

    My sister got married there in April and it was sunny but really windy - all you could hear on the video was the wind blowing - a nice breeze I'm sure but not very good quality recording on their part!
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