Bit of a long shot but can anyone recommend a photographer for a wedding in Gibraltar. We have found one so far but would like to do some shopping around...



  • Byron_LopezByron_Lopez Posts: 141

    You could try a travel website like Thney have a forum on Gibralter.

  • sammiuksammiuk Posts: 95

    We are using . They are based on the Costa Del Sol but will travel to Gib. The are one of the few people in Spain using the Queensberry album too.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks guys, I will try both. Sammi, their pictures look lovely. What's the Queensbury album?

  • sammiuksammiuk Posts: 95
    Hi Lindsay,

    We realy loved Imageyes' work, they are also English so you dont have to worry about communication issues!!!

    The Queensberry album is THE album to go for!!! Have a look!

    I understand Imageye have put up their rates (we were lucky and booked them ages ago!) so they're not the cheapest but they are good. We also looked at a husband and wife team in Fuengirola, they were also excellent (and cheaper) and offered a similar style album (Christina & Jose Torres on the Avenida Juan Gomez Juanito).

    Sammi xx
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