Best time of year to get married in Italy?

Hi all. Just got engaged a week and a half ago!!! Very excited!! image

My h2b and myself would love love love to get married in the Amalfi Coast In Italy or somewhere equally as beautiful in Italy. My h2b would like to wear a kilt and if he does then I would like the whole wedding party to do too if they agree to.

We are thinking either Sept or Oct 2010 for the wedding. for anyone who has been there - would you say this is an ok time to go so my h2b is not passing out in the heat in his Kilt??? image

Also, if anyone is willing too say, how much did the whole wedding cost you as I have only started looking into this and would love a rough ball part figure in my head to work on!!! image

We would be expecting a small wedding with approx 30 - 35 guests.

Any advise from anyone who is doing it / or has done it would be very very much appreciated.



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  • Hi Bels81, Congratulation!!!

    I am getting married in Lake Garda in september next year. I have been told that its bretty hot all over italy in August so sept.oct time is a good to get married.

    We are marrying in the lemon goves in Torri Del Benaco and staying in Bardolino. Wedding is booked and now just looking into venues for reception etc. I have booked through Thomson lake garda weddings, If you send me your email address i can email you some details for you with costs etc, roughly about £1300 for our wedding package.

    A friend got married in Sorrento and loved it.

    It really depends on whether you want to be right by the sea, inland with more authentic buildings or by the lake.

    I saw some wedding pics of another girl who got married where i am and they all wore kilts and it looked wonderful.

    good luck and any help i can give let me know, im still asking for ideas etc off some of the other girls on here.

    Check out the topics for italian brides and lake garda brides


  • Hi Bels81


    Italy is a great choice,

    we are getting married in August and its going to be way too hot! I think early June or September would be ideal, especially if Kilts are on dress code, we went to a summer wedding here and the guys were melting, goodness knows how they'd cope wearing them in the hot august sunshine in italy!

    We are getting married at villa san crispolto and having 35 guests, we've got the whole villa for a week (price varies depending on time of year) we are paying for that but I know other brides are having guests chip in. The actual ceremony and reception (Town Hall, Transport, canapes, string quartet, DJ and 6 course meal, wine and open bar is working out at around 4K euro) check out - they have a budget calculator that helps you work out the costs with no pressure to book etc. I found it hard to pin some of the wedding planners down to exact costs,

    Things to watch out for are town hall fees - these range from a couple of hundred euro to over 1,500. Also some town halls have loads of weddings in a day so there is a danger that its a bit like a conveyor belt. Our town hall allows readings, music and the mayor even gives us a glass of fizz and flowers. Paper work costs about 600 euro. Obviously if you are having a church wedding costs for that will be different and I think paperwork is a bit more complex

    We went over in may this year and managed to get last summer week available for 2009 (we'd wanted June) for the venue we'd chosen , but we did meet with other planners and visited other venues, most of which were nice.

    We picked umbria for the reception venue as its a touch cheaper than some of the more popular destinations and its easy to fly to (Perugia, Rome, Pisa) so was good for budget airlines.

    My tip would be to pick one area of italy and then look for venues there, there is so much choice when we first looked on line we found perfect venues at Lake Garda and down in the southern tip - too difficult too choose.

    - Kylasmiler - the lemongroves sound gorgeous!
  • Hi Bels81,

    Congratulations on the engagement. Its so exciting once you get on with all of the planning!

    I am getting married on Amalfi coast in May and im so excited, its the most amazing place on earth! On the whole, exlcuding honeymoon and rings its costing us around 9/10k, but we are cutting out a few major things that we didnt feel important (like a photographer as we hate posed photos) as we would rather spend more money on the food (costing us around 6k for food).

    I would say late sept/oct would be a good time to go. If you want it in mid 20's, I would def say steer clear of june-early sept and consider either march-may, or sep-nov.

    We're getting married in Ravello, so if you need any info on Ravello (i havent really read up that much on the Amalfi cost), feel free to mail me image

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    Hi Bels,

    Congrats! I am getting married in October 2010 at Villa San Crispolto (same location as my pal Purplefox!). You and H2B have it right about weather being milder and likely better for kilts in Sept or Oct.

    We liked October because the cost of the villa was significantly cheaper, as well flight costs. And we figured the weather would be good as well, not too hot, not too cold.

    Good luck on your planning!

    Jennifer image
  • hagnewhagnew Posts: 69
    HI all, Thanks so much for your interesting replies! All sounds as if you are well and truly alot more clued up on it all than me so Im really hunting like mad at the moment!!! All your info has really helped!!!

    Purplefox- Ive looked at san crispolto and their larger villa also and everyone who gets married there or has visited there raves about it!!! My h2b and I are beginning to think we may look into this one more than the original plan of the amalfi coast!! Thanks for being so honest about what you paid! I was well chuffed as we are expecting around 35 guests too and that is really reasonable I thought for all you got for that price!! We are planning a HUGE reception back here when we are home so would not like to over spend on our wedding budget so I have some money left to splash out a little on the guests who did not make it to Italy!!!!

    Is it Marco at the villa who organises all the planning etc with you? We may get in touch this week with him - has he been great so far for you? Does he organize everything from flowers, photos etc?? What about make up / beauty on the day?

    I like the sound of the fact that you are the only couple who get married in the town hall that day so its not a conveyer belt - all sounds so nice!! image

    Are you getting officially married in the UK first before you go?? I read another thread that that needs to be done first so its official - is this correct?

    Have you picked your dress yet?

    Thanks everyone - I feel much better about my h2b being all kilted in Sept / Oct now with all your advise about the heat!!

    kyla2smiler - That would be great if you could email me the cost details of your wedding - sounds amazing!!!

    [email protected]


  • Hi Bels

    I have emailed you some details xx

  • Hi Bels - glad info was helpful and welcome to the other topic too - just made the connection!

    Honestly San C will take your breath away - we didn't get inside it but fell in love with it the moment we stepped out the car. Baroncino was lovely too and the rooms gorgeous - we just felt the location wasn't quite as convenient (our guests will want to explore the local town) and the marquee was too big for our small party - however size wise with the rooms it would have been ideal. We've booked the cappuccini villas too, so our party is all split up but its worked out well and means we are not going to be on top of each other all week. An alternative would have been for the 'extra' guest to get their own accommodation at local hotels etc.

    Marco is the owner and takes a small set fee to take you through the 8 steps and then he or his assistant is with you all day until the first dance to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    The 8 steps take you through the planning , choosing type of service and getting paperwork started is one of the first things to do - there is no need to marry in the UK first UNLESS you JUST want the blessing at the villa - we were going to go for town hall wedding followed by villa blessing but we thought it would be OTT especially in the heat and we were very happy with the flexibility of the town hall. You'll have probably guessed from the other chat going on you get loads of choices for caterers, photographers etc but for the make up and florist he has one trusted supplier - they both come with rave reviews its just that we are penny pinching just now!

    are you in Scotland? (kilts giving it away) I'm in edinburgh.

    Got my dress a few months ago - gone for a pure silk dress because it will be hot - a jenny packham, I wanted something easy to pack and not too bridal as we wanted a real vintage / village wedding feel to the day - have you started looking ? fashions will change so much between now and 2010 - and you'll be able to bag a bargain this time next year! (wish i could go dress shopping again - keep getting wobbles about my choice!)
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    Hi Purple fox, you have been amazing giving me all this info in such a short space of time!!

    kyla - thanks so much for your information too - the lemon groves look gorgeous! I sure your wedding will be AMAZING!!!! Its definately an option Im going to look into too.

    All this information has really helped us over the last couple of days and I feel much calmer now purple fox as was begninning to worry about two things really - the hair etc at this venue if we decided to go for it and also, the marriage in UK first which we would rather avoid if poss as be much nicer to do it all over there 1st time!!!

    Yes Im in Scotland and can you believe it, Im in Edinburgh too!!!!!!!! Small world!!!!!!! Well I actually live in Haddington which is a tiny bit east of Edin but work in Edin.!!!!!!

    Also, about the Italian language - do you know if the marriage is spoken in Italian and translated or is it said in English!! We speak NO Italian!! image

    We have contacted Marco already and he was VERY quick to get back which was great!!! Want to go out and see it first before making any choices but would love to provisionally book it but cant see them allowing that without paying anything!!!!!!!

    When is your date - August? You'll have to keep in touch and tell me how it all went!! AMAZING Im sure! Have you a picture of your dress - silk sounds gorgeous!! I think I want quite a heavyish dress, well, like one I would wear over here in our temperatures if you know what I mean, I know that sounds mad but I am such a heat lover and even in 40 degrees heat I do not complain so I have checked out heat over there in Sept and Oct and its mid 20s which is a great summer day over here which is what I aiming for!!!!!

    Just need to worry about my boys in Kilts keeling over!!! ha ha!!!!

    Im dying to start dress shopping already but know its too early!!! All n good time..... thats what I tell myself anyway!!! image
  • We looked around for months and found that prices on the coast were slightly more expensive than inland, so we opted for a castle in Tuscany which we hired for 3 days and had an outdoor ceremony in September, which was lovely weather. We had our legal marriage in English, but did have to pay more for it. Most weddings are in Italian with your planner as a translator. Costs totally depend on who you use as a planner. If you go with a hotel/villa and they do everything for you, then you are sometimes stuck with their preferred suppliers, if you go independant you can shop around. Our prices came in very reaonable for 65 people. Italy is magical though, and everywhere is stunning so wherever you go you will have a great time. If you have any questions, or want to see pictures, feel free to email me, I only got married in Sept just gone.. it went far too quickly, but was fantastic.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm just reading through your threads about the wedding at Villa san crispolto and wondered if you could let me know what you thought? I've been in touch with Marco and to be honest we've kind of fallen in love with the venue already. My only concern is that the only dates available are mid-late October. Was it still nice weather for your October weddings? It'd be nice if people were still able to sunbathe by the pool etc and we were also wanting to do a little trip around italy after as our mini moon but wouldn't be as good if it's cold!

    Also, do you have any tips for organising this? Would you recommend Romantic Italian Weddings? Anything you wish you'd done differently that i should watch out for? Did you have any problems on the day?

    Sorry for all the questions its just kind of daunting arranging something from a different country that costs so much money!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon



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    We were in Tuscany mid October last year on a scouting trip for our wedding next May and the weather was fabulous. Not scorching but it was definitely warm enough to lie around the pool, blue skies etc. Obviously like with anywhere it can be hit and miss (we went in early June this year and whilst two days were beautiful, one day was horrendous with storms and rain!). I would go for as early in October as you could to maximise the chance of catching the tail end of summer weather but I don't think it's especially risky. There is also plenty to see and do on cooler days for your guests so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    We're using Wiskow and White who have been fabulous to date. I'd definitely recommend using a planner, they're invaluable. Italians are veryyyyy laid back when it comes to organising things and responding so I would be in a complete panic if I didn't have people I trust who are experienced in dealing with it all.

  • Congratulations!

    With the spring begins the wedding season in Italy. Flowers begin to blossom and the birds begin to sing; this time can be very beautiful. What a wonderful time of the year !!! :)

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