I know this seems like a stupid question, but I do hope someone can answer it for me! We are getting married in Dominican in April and are in the process of getting our declarations sorted out.

The affidavit that has to be stamped by a solicitor - does this have to be hand written or all done via computer?

I know it might not make much of a difference, but I printed one out that someone kindly sent me to save me paying a solicitor to write it, but am now not sure how to fill it in with my details.

If anyone has done theirs and / or knows the answer please put me out of worry!


  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    Hi Clementine,

    I typed our out affidavits and then took them to be signed by the solicitor. It also had to be stamped by them and the stamp has to include the word solicitor as well.

    What are you unsure on as what to fill out?

  • Hi

    Im getting married in Cyprus, and ours has to stamped by a solicitor and to be signed by him...and if possible to letter headed paper...but i dont think that this nesscary......

    hope this helps

    Caroline x
  • What do I need an affidavit? I was told just birth certificates, passport etc. Please help.
  • If you're getting married in Dominican (not sure about other countries) you each have to take an affidavit stamped by a solicitor to verify there is no legal reason why you cannot wed. This has to be approved by the British and Dominican Embassies (is that spelled right...?!) as well as being translated. This is in addition to your birth certificates and where necessary the decree absulute.
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