Planning problems!! Getting married in Cyprus, Grecian Sands


I too are getting married in Cyprus, but not until 31st May 2007, in the Grecian Sands Hotel in Ayia Napa. It looks amazing and the web page.

I am having a nightmare with my plans. I booked my wedding day with Olypmic Holidays back in February, and they told me that their holiday prices would be available in the beginning of May. That was not the case with me, as I was told that they do not fly from CArdiff. NOT a happy bunny....

I have been waiting all that time for them, only to be told that. I wanted to book everything with Olympic as if I did I would receive a free reception room at the hotel, free wedding cake and also flowers, as I could'nt book my holiday with them I have lost out on all these's things....

Will not give me a refund, so I can book it with someone else either!

All I want to do is book a reception room at the Grecian Sands Hotel for all my guests, then I can stop worrying about things, then I know I have a reception to go too after the wedding. Then I can stop worrying, and enjoy organising my lovely wedding....

I have received no information from Olympic Holidays, all they have told me is, the date in which I am getting married on. I would like to see something in writing, but the problem is that I am unable to get hold of them to discuss this situation with them.

I managed to book my holiday with Thomas Cook in the end, as they were the only agents with dates available for next year.. next year!!!

If anyone has any ideas for me, so I can put my mind at rest, I would be greatful!




  • loubeyloubey Posts: 131
    have you tried calling the hotel directly and not going through olimpic holidays as they should have a designated wedding coordinator and then she / he can get onto olympic holidays and kick ass, as at the end of the day you are paying them for a service and they should be providing it for you also if you call ATOL which is the company that all agents have to obide by and register too and complain they might be able to get you a refund as the customer service that you are being provided is unexceptable also olympic holidays must have a head office and sometimes the more fuss you make the more you get at the end of the day you are the bride it is the most presious day of your life that we all look forward too since the pillow cases on our heads for veils when we were tiny tots to know so you should not have to put up with this , i hope this helps ( sorry i am really bad at spelling) image
  • BubbleukBubbleuk Posts: 12
    never book through a tour operator!!

    Speak directly to the co-ordinators (Grecian hotels are very helpful) and town hall (Paralimni) and sort it out yourself - the amount of times I've read stories like this led me to book everything myself!
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