Advice please on the legal doc's?

The wedding planner has advised what documents are needed to get married in Mexico....

I will need birth certificates translated into spanish with an attached Apostille. Can anyone tell me of a company that they have used and would recommend?

I appolgise if im being thick, but i cant get my head around some of the procedures!

To quote the info the wedding planner sent me:

'If you are European, please contact the Foreign Affairs of your country.

The Judge may keep birth certificates therefore, we recommend you to bring certified copies, rather than originals'.

What do i need from foreign affairs exactly? (are these the people who do the apostille)

Certified copies- would i also have to pay extra for these on top of the original translated birth cert?

Thank you & i hope i'v not confused you too much, your advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    I am getting married abroad in August and have started to look into the legal stuff so i will pass on what i have found out but unfortunately cant help with the translation as or stuff being done over there.

    To get your documents apostilled you can take them or post them to the foreign and common wealth office in Milton Keynes. if you post them aparently it takes 2 weeks for them to be returned or you can go down and wait to be seen but that could mean all day! Costs are £27 per document and £6 p & p per batch of documents.

    Apostille is just legalisation of the certificates.

    When you send the documents you have to do a covering letter which states what docs you have enclosed, your names, address phone number and payment.

    The documents we have been told to send to be apositlled are copies of our full birth certificates and original certificate of non impediment.

    I hope this helps a little. I didnt realise what a mind field it would be.
  • I'm also getting married in Mexico and we will be using RT Translations. (they have a website that gives quite a bit of info and then you call them to discuss the details). It's pretty expensive, Ok VERY expensive but they do the lot for you, the translations, the legal certification and the stuff that needs doing at the Foreign office then send it all back ready to go.

    I've heard you can do it yourself but I think you need to be very sure you know exactly what needs doing and leave yourself loads of time. The Forign Commonwealth Office can sit on stuff for months without anything being done!

    RT will also do the translation of your marriage certificate when you get back, otherwise it won't be recognised in the UK.

    Hope that helps. If there is anything else you need to know I'm happy to help.


  • Hey,

    I'm getting married in Mexico Feb 09 and was told by Thomson that we'd need to have documents translated, etc.

    When we spoke to wedding cordinator at hotel and another Bride who was married at same place they confirmed that we did need to get birth certificates 'legalised' but that they translate them when we arrive.

    I live in Bucks so thought I'd take certificates to MK as over the phone they told me that was quickest option but when I arrived at the FCO there was over a 3 hr wait so sent docs recorded delivery and had them back within 10 days.

    In summary....... (!!!!) if you haven't already, I'd suggest contacting your hotel directly and getiinf email confirming what needs to be done before you travel and what can be done when you arrive in resort.

    Hope this helps,

    Gem x
  • Thanks for all your help!

    I'v contacted the hotel and we need to do it over here.

    RT translations, do these do a all inclusive wedding package? lol (im getting into the spirit)

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