Vegas wedding in March 2009 at The Mandalay Bay


We jet off to Vegas on 1st March 2009-Can't believe how soon it is!! We're staying at The Mandalay Bay and having the wedding in the chapel there aswell.

Just wondered whether any other Vegas brides have any tips for me-particularly when it comes to restaurants for the reception and limo hire-following the reception we plan to hire a limo to take the 14-person wedding party down to the 'Welcome to Vegas' sign for photos.



  • hi,

    cant be much help on the bridal side of vegas but have been on holiday and some of the restaurants are excellent,

    theres a lovely chinese restaurant near to the aladdin hotel infact if i remember correctly you have to go into the aladdin to get to it,

    also you must try dennys for breakfast its the best, epecially the pancakes

    if your not up for searching around yourself just ask the hotel staff to recommend you somewhere they are usually really helpful.

    hope you have a wonderful big day! and you'll love vegas!:\)
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