Planning a Wedding - nissi beach or sunrise beach 2010


We're looking at having our wedding at nissi beach hotel or sunrise beach hotel in may/june 2010.

Has anyone got married or getting married at these hotels?

Would you recomend to go through a wedding planner or organise it yourself? :\?


Nichola :\)


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    Hi Nichola,

    Im getting married at Nissi Beach Hotel in June 2010...cant wait!

    We booked through Kerry at Aisle Of Love. I wanted to use a planner because to be honest i didnt know where to start. I had loads of questions and she has answered them all.

    A lot of people on this site have used wedding planners and a few have been recommended on here. I am a complete worrier so i felt better having a planner as i could ask her if i was unsure of anything!

    Loads of brides have organised their weddings themselves though and from what ive read it has worked out cheaper for them. I think it depends on what you prefer, i just felt better having someone to do most of it for me as i wasnt sure of who to get in touch with myself etc.

    I know that Marios at Nissi Beach sorts out a lot of weddings and people have booked directly with him and have said he has been great. I have had e-mailed him quite a few times and he has e-mailed back very quickly.

    If your not sure where to start why dont you e-mail Kerry [email protected] and ask her for some info. I asked her loads of questions before i finally booked with her so im sure she would be happy to help.

    Ive read loads of lovely things about Sunrise Beach Hotel to so its a tough choice!!!

    Im getting married in a gazebo in the grounds of the hotel and having our meal there and then just staying and watching the hotels entertainment. It probably depends on what you want.

    Im getting married bank holiday week (3rd June) and i know it was getting booked up that week very quickly so if thats the week you are interested in you would be best to get in touch as soon as.

    Hope this has helped, sorry for rambling on ha ha ha!

    If you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask. Ive found this forum very helpful and everyone is on hand with advice etc...happy planning!

    Nicola x
  • Im a Nicola (Nikki) too, and Im getting married at Nissi beach also!! I also booked with kerry from aisleoflove. (Apparantly shes got 27 Nicolas/Nikkis on her books at the mo!! )

    I was the same as Nicola above, I wanted everything just right, and didnt really know where to start. I also wanted someone to be 'in charge' on the day incase of any mishaps!! She is definitely worth her weight in gold!! xx

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  • Hi Nichola,

    I'm getting married 2010 in protaras ( still havent decided which hotel yet :\?) But I did look at Nissi beach too I think its a lovely hotel with amazing grounds and so so close to the beach. I'm booking it all myself and not through the companys ( hopefully to save some money ) I booked the wedding photographer for our day and I'm so excited his work is stunning, If you look at his website you can see couples who have been married at Nissi beach ( Had a look and the names are emma and Michael and Sarah and Paul - in weddings 2008 A ) they are really pretty images, thats why I chose to use him hehehe have a look It might help you decide xx;\)
  • Hi Nichola,

    i am also a Nicola! and i am getting married at the Nissi Beach Resort on the 10th June 2010 at 4pm, beachfront gazebo! i also booked with Kerry from Aisle of Love, due to the rave reviews she gets from this site and also you can't book with a tour operator until April 2009. Marios is fantastic and very prompt at e-mailing you back (you can get his e-mail from the hotel website). They are getting very busy for 2010 allready. The Sunrise Beach does look very nice and has excellent reviews,we also considered it but were eventually won over by the location and grounds at Nissi. Good luck with your planning, you are spoilt for choice with the hotels on offer.

    Nicola xx :\)
  • Hi Nichola

    Im getting married at the sunrise beach in July 09.

    I just completely fell in love with the setting and all the reviews i've read about it people were raving about it!!!

    I booked the wedding package which includes loads of stuff and our 2 week stay there b&b through a tour operator who have been great!

    I then booked my photographer and videographer myself whos work is amazing!

    We have a load of family members all flying out for the wedding too and so we are also having a reception at the sunrise and Denise, the hotel wedding co ordinator has been fab with any queries ive had to do with menus, entertainment, table settings & decoration etc.

    Hope this helps

    WifeyMaterial xx

  • Thank you for replies! How mad is that with all the Nicolas! lol. We need to hurry up and decide so we can get it booked! Im def going to email kerry for some info, ive seen that she has been recomended alot.

    All the Nicolas that are getting married at Nissi beach, have u booked your holiday yet or just the wedding? Thomas Cook told us that we cant book the hoilday untill April 2009.

    Triggles80 - what photographer have you booked?

    WifeyMaterial - have u booked your reception directly though the hotel?

    Thank you

    Nichola xx
  • Hi Nichola, we have not booked the holiday yet as both First Choice and Thomas Cook informed me that they are not available till the end of April 2009. My Partner and I are going on holiday to Cyprus though in June 2009 and have planned to meet with Marios and Kerry and see the Gazebo in real life!!! exciting stuff but scary too, after tonight i wil be saying i get married next year!!
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    Hi Nichola,

    How many Nicolas?????? ha ha ha!

    We cant book our wedding till April 2010, so as soon as that comes we will finally book it.

    What type of room are Nissi brides hoping to have?

    We dont know whether to go for a sea-view room for our first week then move to a beach bungalow for the second week....dont know whether we can do this but we'll ask! Just thought this would make it a bit more special as our honeymoon part of the holiday will be in a more fancy room. It might also be cheaper splitting the room types, we'll have to see anyway.

    bella32 - How exciting, going to see it all next year. You'll have to take loads of photos and report back to all us Nissi brides!!!

    Happy New Year everyone, have fun!

    Nicola x
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    Sorry.....typing error, i ment cant book our holiday not our wedding, thats already booked ha ha!
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