Help, What Do I Need To Take??

Hi Girls,

I'm trying to organise myself for things we need to take to Cyprus for the wedding so far the only things I can think of are the obvious i.e. all outfits, favours and fans (for the church).

I cant help but feel I'm forgetting something. I dont think we need any decorations for the reception as Zaffrons do it themselves. So if you've got any ideas that'd be great.


Emma xxx


  • FegirlukFegirluk Posts: 527
    Don't forget all the legal stuff and if you havn't allready done it, depending upon which church your getting married in you might need to take a babtism certificate!

  • EmmaC15EmmaC15 Posts: 495
    Ooooh yes hadnt even thought of the legal stuff. Thanks x
  • How about any stationary, such as place cards, thank you cards, etc. Also button holes and corsages. -These are probably on your obvious list. I've no idea! I need to think of this too! xx
  • presents for the bridal party?

    sun cream!

    strapless tops (no strap marks!!)


    table names

    order of service


    pics of hairstyles/make up etc

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