Paphos Wedding - 27th August 2009

Hi Everyone,

Now it is 8 months until I get married I'm starting to get very excited about my wedding.

I'm getting married on 27th August 2009 and have no idea how much I should have planned by now!

I have a great wedding planner but would be nice to hear from other brides who are getting married around the same time in Cyprus to hear how they are getting on with the plannng and to share tips/ideas :\)


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    Hi there am getting married on June 11th at 12pm in Pahos. I feel as if i have absolutly nothing organised. My wedding planner said that theres not much in the way of organising ie, flowers, reception venue, etc until we arrive. We have booked a yatch for straight after the cermony for a few hours. But there will probably be an hour or 2 to spare b4 we will go and eat so i dont know if people will want to freshen up then meet us at the chosen restaurant. I have just moved house so the wedding has been put on hold and now am starting to panic. Can i ask what you have organised so far?:\?
  • Hi Gala,

    We have booked the ceremony venue and reception venue. We're getting married at 5 p.m. and so will go straight to our reception after the venue.

    How many people do you have going - we have approx 60 coming to the wedding?

    I sent off some pics of cakes and flowers today to the planner to get some prices.
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    Hi NickiR,

    Think we have about 25 coming. I have booked with ido wedding planners, and every1 that has used them can't say enough about them. Am going to email them and just start bombarding them with questions so i can start getting things sorted out. They have there own photographer that they use the same with the florist ect. I really fancy a scottish piper which they also do, and you can hire some cypriot dancers bit cheesey but we r in Cyprus after all!
  • Im getting married in Pissouri which is a village between Paphos and Limassol...thought of having a wedding planner but then decided I wanted to have more control and do everythign myself...Im originally from there so it helps that I speak the language and arranging everythign else by email/phone and now over Xmas and Im visiting at Easter too..Im having around 150 guests which is tiny by cyprus standards but just told the family that as my finace is English we werent going for the typical cypriut wedding style and that our weddign would be a mixture of english and greek and that would mean cutting their guests lists...lucky they were ok about it,,,Most of the reputable wedding planners are quite experienced so everything should be ok....make sure you ask for everythign you want though and dont assume it will be decoration details...colour options...wht type of drinks are included also one that was very important for me and there are often restrictions is until what time music/partying is allowed...I cose my venue as it was the only one that allowed outdoor partying until 2!
  • ms sevilla

    do you know any cake makers and photographers in cyprus the only one i could find on the internet was 2 nice to slice any infowould be much appreciated my email is [email protected] if u canhelp

  • We are getting married in nissi bay on 31 aug 09 at 4.30pm. We havent booked a planner as I heard the manager at the hotel is really good. We have booked venue and photographer and ive already got my dress, that is about it at the moment. I have been told that in cyprus they cater for weddings at the last minute so everything can be organised when you get there.

    Not sure about bridesmaids dresses at the moment any ideas I have two adults, one teenager and two under 11yrs. Need something light?

  • The hotel will make my wedding cake as it will be a london bus(me and me fiance met at a london bus stop!)...most hotels can get their pastry chef to make you a specialised wedding cake...Im meeting with some patisserie shops to see if they can make me bus themed cookies as favours aswell but most of them don't have websites...the most well-known cakes on the island are made by Pralina Pattiseries...the guy who owns them is a culinary genius they are very expensive...but worth it...i know there is a branch in Nicosia and one in Limassol but not sure about Paphos...I can only find the number of the Nicosia one but they should be able to give you numbers of other branches..0035722666477..I havent booked my photographer yet but I have a meetign tomoorw as Im looking for reportage style(il let you know how the meeting goes) but others have reccomeded, and photo papis and sons and photopinkpanther which all have websites...
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    Thanx Ms Sevilla for all your tips. Hope all goes well for you.
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