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Please help!

My Fiance is stuck for looking for a nice and light suit for our wedding in october, anyone have any ideas of where he could get such a suit in the uk?


  • My fiance bought his suit from Brigdens in Derby, it's in an oatmeal colour (linen) and is rather nice for a tropical wedding!x
  • We're going to start looking after the sales for an outfit for h2b - fingers crossed we'll be able to get something as we're getting wed in May! x
  • My h2b and wedding party are going to be wearing trousers (that we had from Debenhams in the sale) a shirt, waistcoat and cravat.

    We are getting married in April in bali.
  • Hiya nickijsmith

    Were did you get you waistcoats from?? I have just started looking at suits for the men and have only been able to find black or sparkly black waistcoats! Also what colour are your suits?


    Clur xx
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