Any Moon palace brides out there?

Hiya girls I am getting married at the Moon Palace 17th march. We fly out on the 11th. We love to hear from any other moon brides 2b & here how all your plans are going.

I am abit sad about the wedding abit really but I am also excited. We I was going to have a few close family & friends come to the wedding but now no one at all isnt coming as everyone has been finding money hard. My dad has lost his job, So it is going to be just me & my h2b. I cant help but feel that i am going to look abit sill being in a big dress princess dress with it just being us 2. So if any you are at the Moon palace on the 17th march you are welcome to attend. x


  • Hi Maxi, It's coming around so quickly now isn't it. We are flying out on the 4th, so not long at all. You won't look silly, even if no-one is there you'll still have beautiful photos so you'll need the princess dressimage I do understand what you mean about everyone finding it hard, we have got both our parents and my h2bs brothers and sister coming. Everyone booked back in March and now the money is due people are finding it difficult to pay the bill. How about people staying in cheaper hotels? is that an option, we have suggested that to some of our guests as they are really not sure they can find the money in time. I think there was a package for around £1600 for 2 people on Thomsons website.
  • hi girls

    i am going to the moon palace for my honeymoon after getting married in las vegas, i hope you have a wonderfull day. i wanted to get married at the moon palace but i've had to compromise for h2b,it looks amazing! are you having a party when you get back,it'd be nice for everyone to see you in your dress...maximum usage before it goes in storage! x
  • yeah we are having a party when we get back so at least I will get to wear my dress twice.
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