Hairdressers in Paphos

Hi all am getting married in Paphos on the 11 June 09 and was wondering if any1 new of any good hairdressers in this area, that would be willing to come to your hotel and do my bridesmaids hair. My chief bridesmaid is a hairdresser but so would prob only have time to do hers and mine as i am getting married at twelve. I have another three bridemaids apart from her and i want them all to look and feel special. Any info would be apreciated.:\):\)


  • Hi,

    Google Cyprus Bridal Beauty - I'm sure she can help - shes my cousin.

    There are lots of good words on here about their services too if you do a search.

    Where are you getting married? I'm hopefully going to get mine booked for 2010 soon after having to put all the money into the house I'd saved for the wedding.

  • lesauklesauk Posts: 42
    Hi Glyn am getting married in yeroskip????? town hall sorry i dont know how to spell it properly! and staying at the Avanti Hotel. I,ve just moved into a new house 8 weeks ago so the wedding has been put on hold and now am starting to panic. ahhhhhhhh!
  • Hi,

    Its Yeroskipou (although if you see signs its Geroskipou) its nice there my cousin took me to there but I'm still set on St Georges Chapel where she got married.

    Don't panic there is an answer to everything on here or I'll ask my cousin lol.

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